Traveling in an RV from one park to another is a great way to spend a vacation or even a retirement. But, there are rules you have to follow in an RV park. The people at Grateful Glamper put together a video explaining the unwritten rules.

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If you follow these rules and respect your fellow travelers, everyone can have a good time.

Walking through an occupied campsite is considered rude, so don’t do that. The sewer hose should never go anywhere near where people get food or drinking water. Don’t bother people when they’re trying to pull in. Do remember that the fire pit is not a trash can. Find out when the designated quiet hours are and respect them. Don’t park in empty campsites as they might not be as free as you think they are. When pulling in, turn off the headlights so that you don’t disturb anybody. If you are leaving early, try to do it with as little noise as possible so that you don’t disturb anyone.

The whole idea of the rules is to make the RV life enjoyable for everyone. Show some respect to others and everyone will have a good time.

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