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Hotels have been a part of society, in one form of another, almost as long as civilizations have existed. As far back as biblical times, guest hospitality options have been recorded. The Romans built mansions for government travellers. In the Middle Ages, abbeys and monasteries opened their doors as places for traveler refuge. Today, there are an estimated 400,000+ hotels located around the world. You know you can easily find a hotel, but how do you find the best hotel for your money? Here are three tips for making it happen.

1. Finding Hotels During European Holiday

Traveling to England or Germany, and wondering how to get a great hotel room? Because these countries are often hot tourist areas for global visitors, you will have a lot of options available. Sites like TripAdvisor, Budgettravel, and Orbitz are good for finding out your options based on various factors like ratings, availability, convenience and price. Anything below three stars is not likely to be worth the few dollars, pounds or euros you save. Checking out independent online reviews is also a good idea; often the average guest experience isn’t obvious just by looking at overall scores.

2. Look for Extras and Overall Value

Did you know that travelers use 984 million pounds of soap every year? There are several things you should look for outside of just the basic price of a hotel, since other factors can impact not only your overall experience, but how much you actually spend. Take the Comfort Inn Victoria Hotel, for example. It’s located right near attractions like Buckingham Palace and Wesminster Abbey, meaning you won’t have to spend as much time and money on the underground (“the tube”). They also offer a free continental breakfast, which is then an expense you don’t have to worry about every day.

3. Where You Should Book London Hotel Accommodations

There are several great areas in London that are ideal for tourists to stay in for a few days, or a few weeks. The main tourist areas include the areas of Victoria, London Bridge, Charring Cross, and Kensington. All the main districts you can stay in are fairly safe, and will allow easy access public transport. The right area for you will depend on what you plan to do, and what you want access to; shopping, nightlife and theater are all located in various sections throughout the city.

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