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One of the most popular new tourist destinations is Zanzibar. Located off the coast of the East African country of Tanzania, this island offers spectacular weather, beautiful views of the Indian Ocean, and a unique cultural and historical experience. Subsequently, as eTN Global Travel Industry News reports, tourism in the region has been growing by 9.6% annually for the last few years. Now, tourism makes up 70% of the region’s foreign income.

Whether they’re coming to experience the unique wildlife the region plays home to or to visit the wonderful beaches and museums that are so symbolic of Zanzibari culture, all tourists to this tropical island need vacation resorts that will allow them to experience Zanzibar in the best way possible. For that, there are the island’s all inclusive resorts.

The Benefits of All Inclusive Resorts

  • Self-Contained Vacations
  • As The Telegraph writes, one of the biggest benefits of staying in all inclusive resorts is that they offer everything you could ever need for a relaxing holiday, without making you leave the premises. Onsite food, amenities, pools, and other luxuries are frequently included in the price of your stay. In other words, the best holiday resorts make sure you never have the stress of travel once you arrive.

  • All Inclusive Resorts Reduce Financial Costs, Stress
  • As the U.S. News suggests, staying in all inclusive resorts simultaneously reduces financial costs and associated stress. For instance, paying one lump-sum that includes food, lodging, entertainment, and the like is psychologically less straining than having to pay $100 for food here, $400 for entertainment there. Of course, buying these things as part of a package is often less expensive than buying them separately.

Things to Look out For

  • Exclusions
  • On the other hand, there are some things you should be wary of when searching for great hotels in Zanzibar. USA Today recommends that all travelers, whether they’re heading to beach resorts in Zanzibar or elsewhere, read the fine print when booking their all inclusive resorts. The best all inclusive resorts truly are all inclusive, but others, for example, will limit where you can eat, what you can eat, and other options to help keep their costs down.

  • You Trade Choice for Convenience
  • With the convenience of all inclusive resorts, there comes a trade-off. As Investopedia suggests, while all inclusive resorts offer a great way to save money and improve convenience, they can often be limiting for people who like to be more free to do as they please. All inclusive resorts offer travelers fixed costs, but they also offer a fixed set of eating options, entertainment choices, and the like. On the other hand, luxury resorts that are not all inclusive offer unlimited choices with potentially unlimited costs. It falls to you to decide what sort of getaway you most want.

All inclusive resorts in Zanzibar give travelers a great way to save money, reduce stress, and simply relax without having to do too much work. While they are not for everybody, they are among the best choices for seeing the beauty of this Indian Ocean paradise without having to worry about unknown variables.
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