Flight clubs

There are a number of reasons to belong to a flight club. First off, flight clubs are composed of those who share a passion for flying, so if you love flying, you can trust that you will be among peers. In addition, being part of a flight club means you can save money on rental aircraft and also have access to rental aircraft, something you might not have if not for membership in a flight club.

Among the best benefits to being part of flying clubs is that they can sometimes lower flight insurance costs through group discounts. In addition, members of certain flying clubs can rent aircraft in a number of airports across the nation. With that said, some flight clubs are national organizations, not just local ones.

Being part of a flight club means more than being around fellow pilots. You can find airplane hangar rentals as well as rental aircraft, which by and large are the most important components to flying. Without a plane to fly and a hangar to store it, flying is virtually impossible so it is especially wise to join a flight club if you want to fly regularly and do so affordably.

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