Ohio state campgrounds

Going to camp sites for a family activity or a gathering with friends can be fun and relaxing. Many Americans camp together as a family, and typical campers go on five camping trips annually. Most people travel over 190 miles to get from home to the campground, so it’s important to feel confident in your choice for a family campgrounds. The first step is to find camping sites that will suit your vacation needs, and then you should narrow down your choices to choose the best location. Cabin rentals are an option if you’re looking for more comfortable accommodations that require a little less planning. If you’re really into the camping life, camping outside is a fun activity for everyone. Safety is a top concern when camping, so keep reading to learn some safety tips from the Center for Disease Control (CDC), whether you’re camping with friends or family.

    1. Plan safe activities
    Hiking, canoeing, and swimming are all fun things to do on a family camping trip, and it’s important to plan ahead by bringing any safety equipment. This includes helmets, life vests, and proper footwear.

    2. Get educated about the terrain
    If there are huge mountains or low valleys, be aware of the area you’re in and make sure you know about any bodies of water that could be dangerous for kids or pets.

    3. Bring healthy food
    Seal any food in plastic bags or coolers so animals aren’t attracted to the campsite.

    4. Pack any medicines you will need
    This includes medications that are taken regularly by anyone on the trip, as well as things that might be needed in an emergency. If anyone has allergies, plan your trip accordingly.

    5. Get vaccinated against diseases
    Things like whooping cough, meningitis, and hepatitis A can be contracted on camping trips, and getting vaccines is an important preventative measure to avoid this.

    6. Be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning
    Don’t use fuel burning equipment, like heaters or cookware, inside a tent or enclosed area. CO is odorless and colorless, so it’s important to be aware of this danger.

    7. Don’t play with wild animals
    When camping, you might see wild animals that seem friendly. Remember that this is their home and they don’t usually interact with humans, so don’t approach them.

    8. Bring walkie talkies
    This is a good way to make sure everyone can stay in contact and no one gets lost.

    9. Utilize the buddy system
    Don’t go anywhere alone — always bring one or two people to go on a walk or hike, and tell someone else where you’re going and when you’ll return.

    10. Ensure you have access to clean water
    You can purchase water filtration systems or bring bottled water, but don’t drink any water from streams or ponds because it might have bacteria living in it.

Do you go camping with your family or friends every year? How do you find camping sites for your trips? Do you have any safety tips for keeping everyone safe and having an enjoyable trip? If you have any tips for people trying to find camping sites in their area, please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

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