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With the warmer weather approaching, more and more people are looking forward to getting out of their same old, same old, and taking off somewhere new. While vacationing somewhere warm in winter is always a treat, more people choose to take time off during the summer months, especially if they have kids. For those vacationers who choose to stay longer than a few weeks in one spot, finding affordable lodging can become a problem. One solution to this problem is looking at a vacation rental home, which you can often rent for much longer and at a bulk cost, instead of paying per day.
What Are my Options In Terms of Vacation Rental Homes?
There’s not just one type of vacation rental home–it varies depending on how long you’re staying and what kind of comforts you want during your stay. One option is to rent directly from locals, who may offer their homes for vacation rental, in order to make a little extra money over the summer. They’ll often offer vacation rental deals or be willing to bargain more. This can offer vacationers a really authentic feeling–they’ll be living with other locals, shopping at the same stores, and walking around local areas. These rentals can be done from anywhere between two weeks to a few months, depending on what the landlord wants Fr needs.
Luxury condominiums are another option for vacationers and have been increasingly prevalent around tourist destinations, especially around the beach. For those who aren’t really interested in the more local life or want more luxuries during your stay, considering a luxury condo can be a great alternative. One of the best things about a luxury condo is that it really offers a homey feel, unlike a hotel. The renter has access to kitchens and bathrooms that already have all the supplies you could need. The bedrooms are expansive and usually have great views of the surrounding area, and the entire space comes with TV access, WiFi, air conditioning and/or heating, if necessary.
As if that wasn’t already enough, a good number of luxury condos also come with washers and dryers for the renters’ convenience. This way, if the renters are staying for an extended period of time, they don’t have to find a laundromat or pack a month or more worth of clothes. A more modern feature of luxury condos is also having iPod or mp3 docks available for the guests, so you can bring your music with you on vacation! Another good feature of luxury condos is that some offer off-street parking, which keeps your vehicle safe around the clock.
Some Vacation Rental Tips
Be savvy! See which living option will allow you to stay the greatest amount of time for the least amount of money. Don’t be afraid to haggle or offer a counter-deal. Summer vacation rentals will often offer online deals or savings. Make sure your location is reputable–does it have good safety and cleanliness ratings? Consider what needs your family will have as well, or things you can’t live without on vacation. In some cases, it may well be worth talking to a trip advisor, if you feel uncertain. All in all, you want to find a place that will offer you the best home base for your dream vacation!

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