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Nothing drops a jaw quicker and makes quite the same impact as limousines. Long held as a universal status symbol around the world, many people picture a stretch limousine whenever they think of the fancy automobiles. In truth, a limousine is a term that has traditionally been used to denote a vehicle that has a permanent division between the passenger and the driver; the first limousines were produced in 1902. The first stretch limousines were produced in Fort Smith, Arkansas around 1928 and have since been one of the most easily-recognized symbols of wealth in the world.

A Taste of High Class

Riding in a limousine is an experience in and of itself. The president of the United States has a personal limousine that is built new every four years — the vice president or one of the visiting heads of state receives the old presidential limousine. Hollywood has generously used limousines in films to depict wealthy CEOs, corporate presidents, and other high-profile figures. The limousine drivers for movie stars as employed by motion picture studies make the most of any chauffers, earning a mean annual wage of $53,580. Aerospace companies and financial investment firms too regularly use limousines and pay their chauffers nearly as well as motion picture studies do.

Party in Style

Not all of us need to act in movies or fly to outer space to justify a limousine ride. For certain occasions and events, a limo might just be the best way to make an entrance or great escape. Graduation parties, birthdays, weddings, and prom are four of the most frequent reasons why people choose to arrange transportation through a limousine company. Many of these companies have an abundance of choices regarding vehicle types aside from stretch limos, including party buses, custom-built trolleys, shuttle busses, stretch SUVs, and Mercedes sprinters. The average fleet size for most limousine companies is 5 stretch limos, so those looking for high-class transportation had better make reservations well ahead of time to ensure that a company has a vehicle for your event.

How to Stretch Your Dollar Further With Limousine Services

Many people are hesitant to rent a limo for fear of the high price. In reality, most limousine services charge by the actual car and not by the person; six-passenger, eight-passenger, and 10-passenger cars are typical choices offered by limo services. Since six-passenger cars are cheaper, those looking to rent ought to consider how large of a vehicle they can get away with and shop around to find the best deal. It is recommended that prospective limo renters avoid a company that requires more than a 50% deposit on a limo; typically a deposit of 20-50% of the total rental fee is required through a credit or debit card. Some companies offer specific deals that is contingent on the time of rental; since rental companies only make money when they are renting out their limos, some offer discounts for those looking to rent a limo at an unusual hour — weekdays are usually best for these deals. Comparing prices around your area is the best way to get the most out of your dollar when looking to make a lasting impression for the evening with a head-turning limousine.

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