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It is time to get away. After a ridiculous week of news about irresponsibly behaved Olympic swimmers and finger pointing politicians, it is time to get away. Before a month that will kick the school year into high gear, many families are trying to find one more time to vacation before the summer of 2016 fades away.
A long, quiet weekend at a family bed and breakfast may be just the way to erase the memory of today’s news for three full days of no news, no cell phones, and no interruptions that are not a part of nature. Although many locations are tempting destinations for Labor Day weekends, few can compare with the mild temperatures and the majestic surroundings of a mountain retreat. Whether you elect for the elevations of a Buena Bista, Colorado, bed and breakfast or a more northern Rocky Mountain spot, affordable accommodations are especially tempting as the last weeks of summer disappear.
Colorado mountain vacations have long been an escape for people who live in Denver and its suburbs. and while many thing of the mountains as winter destinations for skiing, sledding, and snow boarding, the cool mountain temperatures can feel even more relaxing during the last days of summer. Long ski lifts are transformed into rides to the top of alpine slides and instead of skiing down slopes visitors find themselves hiking trails that remain covered in snow during the winter months.
Bed and Breakfasts in Buena Vista, Colorado, Provide Families Relaxation and Beautiful Views
One popular bed and breakfast location in Colorado is Buena Vista. a combination of gorgeous mountain views and refreshing hot springs provide a variety that makes it easy to forget the stress of an upcoming school year or a never ending list of tasks at work.
Many families find that any vacations that encourages outdoor activities is a break worth taking. Exercise and fresh air instead of a constant attachment to technology allow busy families a chance to slow down and reconnect. Buena Vista and other Rocky Mountain locations offer the view and the challenge of challenging mountain peaks to conquer. in Buena Vista, for example, more than 10 14,000 tall peaks provide days of hiking challenges. Whether you decide to climb for the peaks of Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and Columbia, or instead decide to hike shorter and less challenging trails, the views are spectacular.
No Colorado vacation would be complete without the chance to see the different kinds of wildlife that are frequent at different elevations.
White Water Rafting Offers High Adventure for a Family Vacation
Located in the southern part of Colorado, Buena Vista is actually one of the main entrances to the 1,109,782 acre San Isabel National Forest as well as the 148-mile long Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. the combination of the mountains that appear blood red at sunrise and the turbulent waters for rafting, a family can find plenty to do for a week’s stay in the area.
With a length of 100 miles, the Arkansas River has its peaceful pools as well as rapids that require the knowledge of a tour guide and the teamwork of a raft full of crew members. Often booked months in advance, these rafting tours take rafters places unseen by traveling cars and mountain hikers.
Summers at home often slip by without notice. Long before anyone is ready students have to return to classrooms and the complicated schedules of athletic practices, part time jobs, and music lessons fill the calendars of America’s youngest children. For families who are trying to reclaim the last few days, a family vacation is often a great solution.
And while many locations can serve the purpose of providing a family get away, the choice of a vacation spot that promotes outdoor activities is often very beneficial.
Buena Vista, Colorado, offers both adults and children a chance to sit by a quiet mountain stream, hike a difficult mountain trail, or raft the thundering waters of the Arkansas River.
What are your plans for the last summer weeks? More hours shaking your head at the Olympians and politicians who seem to produce story after story of ridiculousness or are you ready to get away?

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