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Those who take camping vacations swear by them, always eager to attempt to convince those who do not. They are right to try and convince others, but sometimes their words fall on deaf ears. As a public service, some of the best reasons to go camping are listed here. Perhaps after reading the five reasons below, you too will realize why campers are so devoted to this pastime.

  1. Disconnect: It is not the position of this writer that there is anything wrong with the multitude of devices so many people in the United States use from the moment they wake to the last minutes before sleeping. However, the fact remains that it is difficult to really leave behind the pressures of work and school and everything else with those electronics in hand. The emails, text messages, and tweets that kept you focused on work during every other day of the year will still chirp on your phone when it is technically your vacation. Whether you answer them or not, even if you do not read them, their presence will still serve as a distraction from being distracted. Why else take a vacation if not to unplug from the daily grind?
  2. Rediscover Nature, or Discover It For The First Time: It may come as a surprise to some, but there are many people alive in the United States that have never experienced nature beyond whatever the city park has to offer. Whether this is by choice or not, it is something to be deeply lamented. Consider the destruction humans wreak upon the world in order to gain the resources desired. What if you miss the only chance you have to see nature undisturbed? In some parts of America, that is a question that is sadly relevant. Letting a chance pass you by due to laziness would be a waste.
  3. Speaking Of Laziness…: Have you exercised today? This week? If the answer is yes, that?s great! However, since the answer is most likely no, or not enough, it should be noted that the majority of camping related activities are both fun and great exercise. You do not need to be a gym rat to manage either, with high impact and low impact as well as high expertise and low options perfect for any level. Camping vacations can be trusted to get everyone off the couch and outside.
  4. Time With Family: Children grow up too quickly, and parents are gone too fast by far. Nothing will halt the passage of time, but there are ways to make the time you have mean more and, as a result, matter more. Prioritize time without 100 things fighting to steal your attention. Sunny campgrounds are a great place to devote yourself completely to your family, giving them all of your attention. Family camping will never be wasted time.
  5. Budget Friendly: When planned in advance, camping is often cheaper than most vacation spots. The plane tickets alone for a medium sized family can cost more than some camping vacations. Pay for your gear and food and the rest is easy to manage.

There is nothing quite like summer camping trips, out in the wooded campgrounds with family. Hopefully, these reasons have convinced you about camping vacations and why you should plan yours today.

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