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Are you heading out on a family holiday and you are staying in vacation rentals? First of all, congratulations you deserve this relaxation! But with everything going on getting ready for the vacation, it can be easy to forget some important details, such as the items on your packing list. So after you talk to those property managers at the rental companies and have everything sorted, make sure not to forget these items when you head to your vacation home rentals!


Usually vacation rentals do not include linens and this means you have to provide your own towels, dish rags, linens, pillows, and blanket. The best way to plan for this is to create a bag for everyone in the home, and make sure to put a set of bath towels, one dish rag, a set of sheets and a pillow. This way you know nothing will be forgotten and each person is responsible for their own set.


Some vacation homes have dishes and silverware, but if you are looking for something specific, either ask first or just bring it along with you. This goes for cookware and utensils as well, such as specific mixers or pans.


Just because you are traveling, doesn’t mean you have to eat out at every opportunity. You can save some money by preparing for your meals beforehand, and a good way to ensure you are not skimping on flavor is to throw a couple jars of specialty spices in your bag.

A rainy day bag

This is especially important especially if there is not much to do indoors at your vacation destination. So take advantage of your vacation rentals and have a relaxing day inside filled with movies, board games, and books.

First aid kit

You don’t want to waste all your time at the doctor’s office while on vacation, so bring a first aid kit along to keep any minor injuries at bay. All you need to include are some band-aids, antiseptic, gauze, and pain killers.

Hair dryer

No one likes wet hair! So if you are going to be going somewhere nice and need to do your hair, make sure you bring your heat tools along!

With this list in mind, you will be on your way to having a fantastic vacation!

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