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Summer is coming and that means it’s time for you and your family to get in your rvs and enjoy the great outdoors. That said, you can’t just drive out without a destination. If you’re thinking about where you and your family/friends should head to, this list below with 12 great locations for your next trip can help. Happy driving.

  1. The Grand Canyon, Arizona
    This national park is a must see. You should definitely come to this national landmark to bask in the vast wonder of nature. This location is practically a staple of the American road trip, and thus is a spot that would make a great location for you to stop at on your adventure.
  2. Mt. Rushmore
    This other national landmark also should be on the “must visit” list. On this great piece of artwork we witness the beauty of nature as well as a great show of patriotism. In addition, the spot has several parks for you to park your vehicle and to stay for the night.
  3. Myrtle Beach
    Next, we go to the other side of the country. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina has sandy beaches, great oak wilderness, and the Huntington State Park. These locations are all bunched together to leave you and your traveling companions with several great memories.
  4. Taughannock Falls State Park
    Next, consider the beautiful and natural views of the Taughannock Falls. Specifically, this New York State Park has a wonderful waterfall that flows down into an large gorge. You might even consider waiting until autumn to see all of the beautiful tree colors or you could decide to visit for one of the several music festivals.
  5. Pioneer Beach Resort
    Next, you might want to visit this beach resort next to the Texas Gulf Coast. This spot is actually listed as one of the top 10 campsites in the United States. That listing makes it one of the best spaces for you to take your family and friends this coming summer.
  6. Zion River Resort
    You can find an RV park right next to the Zion National Park. In fact, there is only about 13 miles between the park and the resort. This means you are just a quick drive away from beautiful mountains, slick river banks, and red stone cliffs. In addition, the camp is very hospitable with free WiFi, picnic tables, and even a swimming pool.
  7. Yosemite Pines
    Just like with the last placement, this campsite is right by another park. That said, this park isn’t just some other park. Yosemite National Park is a middle California park that is full of beautiful natural landmarks. This spot is so popular that several people not only camp out in their vehicles, but also rent local yurts.
  8. Hershey Park Camping Resort
    Next, we have Hershey Park. This camping spot is right by Hershey Parks. This amusement park is full of fun rides and amazing cultural spots. In addition, it is the home of Hershey chocolate. This is a great spot to enjoy family and friendship while also having fun camping out.
  9. River’s Edge Resort
    This Alaskan resort is great with several amenities such as free showers, laundry facilities, and more. In addition, there are 170 different sites including spots by the Chena River. There are several wonderful natural views such as at the great river bank and the beautiful birch trees that make this site worth staying at.
  10. Camp Gulf
    This camping site in Destin, Florida is great for RV drivers. In fact, it’s at the top of several must go to lists. You can choose between beachfront sites or those tucked between the trees. In addition, there are several amenities that make the site worth while.
  11. Timber Wolf Resort
    Once you’ve reached Montana, you should head over to the Timber Wolf Resort. There are several worthwhile landmarks such as the beautiful elk woods and the great wildlife. Plus, the community feel makes for a great chance to make new friends.
  12. Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground
    Lastly, we have the campground outside the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. This spot is a great alternate to staying at the expensive hotels and offers many amenities while also being a great wildlife spot to enjoy nature.

Enjoy the summer, enjoy wilderness, and enjoy your RV with these 12 great destination vacations.

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