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Traveling is universally stressful. Your destination may be thrilling, beautiful, relaxing — or, if you’re traveling for business, lucrative — but getting there is almost always a pain. And even short-distance travels, such as a trip to a meeting or a party, can cut into your productivity or your fun. But easy travel isn’t hard to find.

When you’ve got more important things to think about, consider hiring third party transportation services to get you where you need to go. Ground transportation services range from special occasion limos, to group charter buses, to everyday town cars and shuttles.

Check out these three great reasons to take advantage of ground transportation services near you.

  1. Frequent Flying: Every day, over three million people fly commercially. And many of those three million people are boarding the aircraft on business. If, as a business traveler, you find yourself heading to the airport a few times a month, consider booking a seat on an airport shuttle, or a trip in a town car all to yourself, to save yourself the colossal hassle that is airport parking. You can also get some last-minute work done in the car, instead of dealing with airport traffic.
  2. Big Days.We all have at least a few major milestone celebrations over the course of our lives. Whether it’s your Sweet Sixteen, your prom, your wedding day, or your 50th anniversary, a limo will help you arrive in style and keep you pampered on your way to the big event. Bachelor and Bachelorette parties, birthday parties, and anything else worth celebrating is a great excuse to ride in a luxurious limo.

    Some limousines can transport 16 to 20 people, which means there’s room for you, your old friends, and any new friends you might meet along the way! Check your makeup, fix your tie, and kick back with some champagne to put you in a celebrating mood.
  3. Big Groups. Sports teams, concert bands, clubs, Greek organizations, and other large groups of people rely on motor coaches (charter buses) to keep them together. Imagine renting enough five-seater cars to seat 50 people. And imagine the logistical planning and coordination required to keep those ten cars even relatively in sync.

    Now imagine hanging out on a charter bus with 50 of your closest friends, on your way to an exciting game, competition, conference — or even a day-trip wine tour. Relax and bond with your group, and get some much-needed rest on your way back. Don’t micromanage your trip — enjoy it!

    You can also enjoy the fact that you’re doing your part to help the environment. Charter buses are three times as efficient as commuter buses when it comes to reducing CO2 output, and five times more efficient than public transit buses. Motor coaches are also about six times more energy and fuel-efficient than regular automobiles, and each motor coach could potentially replace 55 single-occupancy vehicles from the highway. And if we replaced the average 12,500 miles of annual travel completed by the average automobile with travel by charter bus, we could reduce CO2 emissions by about 4.3 tons per auto.

    A charter bus is also a great option for a city tour. Tour NYC or your metropolis of choice from the comfort of a charter bus, and make sure you and your friends can go explore wherever and whenever you want to.

There are plenty of great reasons to take advantage of personalized transportation services. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself or your group to a fantastic trip!

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