Camping is a favorite family holiday, whether in tents, yurts, rvs or cabins. It’s a chance to get away from routine and the stresses of daily life, to introduce the kids to the world of nature, to spend time in peaceful natural settings. For families, cabin camping vacations are a great way to spend a few days or even a couple of weeks in an outdoor environment.

Tents, cabins, and yurts, oh my!
Camping remains one of the most popular summer pastimes in the U.S. There are many different ways to plan a camping trip, and everyone has their own favorites. Millions of people go camping each year, heading for campgrounds, national parks, and historic sites. There are plenty of sites to choose from, among the 16,000 public and privately owned campgrounds around the country.
Most campsites offer a choice of tents, rvs and cabins. The most popular type of camping is also the most traditional, with 81% of campers choosing to pitch their own tents, according for the American Camper Report. Another 16% opted for their rvs. For family camping vacations, cabins are a good choice. Especially for families with young children, they offer the convenience of full bathrooms and equipped kitchens.

Cabin rentals for family vacations
Many campsites offer cabins as well as sites to pitch your tent or park your rv. Rustic log cabins offer an authentic experience, living in the woods with the birds and animals for your neighbors. Cabins come with full bathrooms, and well equipped kitchens.
They are designed for families and can sleep from four to eight people comfortably. Some come with lofts, which make an exciting and cozy hiding place for kids. Campers have to provide their own bed linens and kitchen utensils. Cabins are a great choice for families, because of the convenience. The location puts you in the heart of the natural world, but you still have a shower to scrub the kids before bedtime.

Comfort and adventure in a log cabin
Cooking facilities in an equipped kitchen allow families to continue eating healthy meals. For almost half, or 49% of campers, the most important reason to go camping is so that they can spend more time with family and friends. Cabins offer the perfect mix of camping and comfort and are especially suitable for longer trips.
Cabins also serve as a great base to operate out of, and most people combine camping with other activities. Many campgrounds have trails for hikers and bikes, fishing, splash parks and other activities. For families, camping is an inexpensive way to travel and see the world.

Once you’ve caught the camping bug, it’s for life. Nearly all, or 99% of campers are already planning their next trip. Somewhere out in the woods, a rustic log cabin is waiting for you.

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