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If you’re planning a family vacation, you likely know already that one of the best options is a camping trip. Family camping vacations allow families to get to know each other better without the distractions of technology or the sights and sounds of a city. For that matter, they tend to inspire traditions. According to 13% of adult camping participants, they’re camping because they want to spend more time with their families. Furthermore, 12% of adult camping participants reported that their first camping trips were with immediate family members. Whether you’re camping with your immediate family or camping with your extended family as a sort of reunion, you may want to consider a camp resort. Camp resorts allow people to go camping without worrying about some of the issues you would have to consider on a more traditional camping trip. They also tend to be open throughout multiple seasons. While some people prefer early fall camping trips, summer camping trips are gaining popularity. Not only do summer camping trips take advantage of students’ summer vacations — they also avoid some of the weather issues that occur during fall, and in general allow people to have fun in the sun. Some campers are reluctant to go camping at resorts; it might not seem traditional, but it is a great option for campers, especially when they’re going camping with family. Below, we’ll look into some of the top advantages to camping at a resort.

1. Extended Trips

Whether you’re considering fall or summer camping trips, traditional camping requires packing enough supplies to last you. Once those supplies run out, you’ll have to leave your campground and perhaps end your trip entirely. Studies have shown that campers tend to like extended camping trips. Whether they were staying in a yurt, RV, bivy, or cabin, the typical camper went camping for a trip lasting an average of 14.9 days. People want to get their money’s worth when they go camping, and take full advantage of the time they have. When you camp at a resort, you’ll often find that you can restock on supplies at the resort. Therefore, if you run out of supplies prematurely, you don’t have to cut your trip short. Camp resorts also often provide better shelter from the elements than a traditional campground would. Summer camping trips may fall prey to the rain, but if you have a cabin nearby, you can wait out the storm rather than ending your trip entirely.

2. Necessary Amenities

You may not need a cook-stove when you go camping, but it can be an added advantage that betters your trip. However, most people do like to have bathrooms and showers nearby when they go camping, especially when children are involved in the camping trip. Camp resorts may not provide everything — you’re still camping, after all — but they often have showers and bathrooms on hand. This allows people to feel clean and have a better time while camping. Adults may be able to put up with a lack of such amenities, but it can be much more difficult for children to do so. An unhappy child can ruin a camping trip for everyone, and therefore, basic necessities make it easier for people to go camping in the way they want to. Don’t think of it as compromising your traditional camping trip — think of it as a way for you to have the most fun possible while camping.

3. Safety

A worry that people always have about camping is the dangers associated with wild animals. Predators like bears are drawn to the scents of food that campers bring with them — and though the risk of attack is relatively low, there is always a danger present. Camp resorts are often patrolled by security personnel, and have resources on hand that help campers protect themselves. Furthermore, the presence of facilities like cabins give campers safe havens. Therefore, if the worst case scenario happens, you’ll be much safer.

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