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Are you looking for an exciting and unique summer vacation? Are you tired of the same camping trips, year after year? You drive a couple of hours away from your house, pitch a tent, and then live on the grounds for the weekend. If you are lucky, there might be a nearby lake or pool to cool down. Instead of this traditional, yet sometimes boring camping trip, consider something a little more adventurous this year.

Cabin rentals camping
Cabin rentals can change up the camping getaway. They give you the luxuries of home, while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Depending on the size and type of your cabin, you might have access to a hot tub, Jacuzzi, full kitchen, or even a private pool. Cabins also allow you to enjoy in the outdoors all day long, but then cuddle up on the couch, watching a movie at night. Cabin camping can be extremely romantic. According to 2016 Traveler?s Sweet Spot survey, 38% of men and 34% of women said romantic getaways were the best vacations.

Camping in the mountains
What if you could experience the views and fresh air from atop a mountain? There are many campgrounds that allow you to do just that. If sleeping in a tent is not your idea of a relaxing vacation, consider a mountain resort. Mountain resorts give you all of the amenities of a traditional hotel, but the views of the mountains. Some of these resorts even offer exciting ski slopes within the resort. Camping in the mountain is perfect for hikers or skiers. You might even come across a couple of waterfalls. There are 19 waterfalls in the Pocono Mountains. The Pocono Mountains feature 2,400 square miles of mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and forest in the northeast corner of Pennsylvania.

Ocean front camping
Beach getaway vacations do not have to be extremely expensive. You can cut the costs of a traditional beach vacation by camping. Simply find a campground that is located on the ocean and pitch your tent. You will be within steps from the crashing waves, sand filled beaches, and ocean smells. You can engage in ocean water activities all day and night long. Getaway options on the oceanfront are perfect for the water or beach lover.

Amusement park camping
Amusement parks can also be expensive. You have to pay the cost of admission, food, and then for accommodations. You might be surprised to learn that many of the countries amusement parks have nearby camping attractions. You can bring your tent or RV for a budget friendly, easy sleeping choice. You won?t even care about the sleeping arrangements or the specific amenities of the campground, because you will be so exhausted from riding all of the rollercoasters all day long.

Glamping is a newer trend that is taking over the camping world. Camping is generally enjoyed by an outdoorsy type of person. This leaves an entire group of people that are simply not interested in camping outdoors. A great solution or compromise for these two types of people is glamping. Glamping is considered camping in style. It involves many of the same amenities of a resort, while outdoors. You may bring a large inflatable bed, a portable air conditioner, and possibly even your electronics. Although you might be required to pack more for glamping, it could be the different between having a good time and bad time.

Summer is full of vacations. One of the most popular types of vacations in the country is that of camping getaways. Camping is affordable and simple to plan. However, it is not for everyone. If you desire a summer vacation that is more exciting, consider camping oceanfront, amusement park camping, mountain resort vacationing, or glamping. All of these options still give you the traditional feel of camping, but enhance your experience to ensure you have the best summer vacation possible.

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