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What is camping’s appeal, anyway? Consider this the great American question. Chilling under the open stars next to a roaring fire has held firm in the hearts of many Americans for decades now, even as technology has made it easier than ever to lounge at home. If you’re thinking of spending the rest of your summer in the great outdoors, you’re likely wondering how you can go about getting the most out of your weekend. Campgrounds with cabins are a popular option for many, providing a happy balance between comfort and roughing it.

How many people like camping? Quite a few. The year 2010 saw over 40 million people going on a collective total of 515 million camping trips. When it comes to the individual, the average camper went on an average of five and a half camping trips in 2013. All in all? The year 2014 saw consumers spending more than $1 billion on camping equipment. Needless to say, Americans take their hobby very seriously.

What draws people to camping? This answer changes for everyone, but there are a few common links between. The single biggest motivator for going camping is the sheer joy of it, according to 47% of respondents to a recent survey. There’s little more freeing than just packing one’s bags and heading out to the nearest forest or lake for a few days of non-stop relaxation, fun and healthy competition. Over 40% of campers will plan their trip at least one month in advance, if not for longer.

What, exactly, do people like to do when they check out their favorite campgrounds with cabins? The sky truly is the limit. Over 80% of campers will participate in multiple outdoor activities while on their trip, that of which changes depending on the environment. Those that camp near a lake or river enjoy fishing, swimming and boating. Those closer to forest often like to hike, cook and bring some of their favorite sports with them. Most of all — people like to spend quality time with family and friends.

How do people decide to spend their free time? Depends on the family. RV campers often stay the longest, with nearly 14% camping for a full week or more. Cabin and yurt campers, on the other hand, often stayed the shortest — a full 80% spent one or two nights outside. Campgrounds with cabins are a popular option, with 40% of adult participants camping at state park campgrounds and cementing them as the most popular venue.

The key to a good camping trip is to make sure you’re properly prepared. Nothing spells disaster quite like forgetting the sunscreen or bug spray during a fun night out in the thick of nature! Campgrounds with cabins can also be an ideal option for those that still want to stay connected to the outside world even as they work on their tan and sway in a hammock. Last, but not least, make sure to practice safety — don’t leave any food or toiletries in your camp so you don’t attract hungry animals.

Camping is one heck of a fun time. Ready to look up cabins in Michigan or cabins in California?

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