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If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to transport multiple people, you should look at charter bus rentals. For organizations who routinely take trips, such as schools, clubs, nursing homes, or businesses, charter bus rentals can provide easy travel, reliable transportation, and a way to keep everyone together, instead of splitting up into different cars. Setting up meeting points is easy — just head back to the bus at one time! And you won’t have to worry about finding multiple parking places either. Whether you need to use a charter bus as airport shuttles, a tour bus, or for a multi-day bus tour, charter bus rentals can provide whatever you need at a fantastic price. There are around 16,000 vans and shuttle buses that currently work for charter services in the United States, ready to take you where you need to go.

What Defines a Charter Bus?

A charter bus is a vehicle under contract to exclusively transport people at a fixed rate to specific locations. For example, if a company charters buses to bring employees or guests to and from the airport, the bus cannot pick up other people along the way and they cannot deviate from the route. Anyone can rent a charter bus, though typically it’s done for special occasions or for an organization’s purposes.

Many charter buses are run through private organizations, not affiliated with the public transportation in that area. As such, they often offer more amenities that one can find on public transportation, like an entertainment system, air conditioning, footrests, WiFi, and so on. And, of course, when you hire a charter bus, you also hire the licensed driver who drives the bus and follows the course that’s been set by those who hired the bus.

What are Some Benefits to Renting a Charter Bus?

People use motorcoaches — essentially what most charter buses are — for over 600,000,000 trips every year in just the United States and Canada! Every motorcoach that’s filled up could potentially remove 55 cars from the highway, reducing carbon dioxide emissions and our fossil fuel intake. Indeed, if you switched to motorcoach instead of traveling the annual 12,500 miles that a car travels, you could save over four tons of carbon dioxide emission per car, every year!

Additionally, motorcoaches give off the least carbon dioxide per mile, compared to other types of vehicles and are six times more efficient in terms of energy and fuel when compared to single occupancy vehicles like cars or trucks. They’re three times more efficient in reducing carbon dioxide output as compared to commuter rail and five times more efficient when compared to transit buses.

A charter bus is also cost effective, when you take into consideration gas prices, parking fees, and other associated costs. And, a charter bus can be an easy way to get everyone together on a tour and provide a fun, communal experience that they might not have had if everyone traveled separately.

How Can I Find a Charter Bus to Rent?

A quick online search is sure to pull up many different private organizations that offer charter bus rentals for you to choose from. Once you have some names, you should give each business a call to see what their rates are like, what services they offer, and what any limitations to their services might be.

Some websites may also have an online form you can fill out and they can offer you a quote for comparison shopping purposes. It may be important to not where pick-up and drop-off locations are, to make sure that it’s easily accessible for everyone going on the trip. You can also ask others who may have organized a similar trip or event if they have suggestions for companies they’ve used in the past.

If you’ve got somewhere you need to be with a large group of people, choosing to rent a charter bus can be an excellent option, cost-wise, convenience-wise, and environmentally. Pick-up and drop-off locations will already be set and you won’t have to worry about finding parking or other hassles. Choose a charter bus rental today!

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