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Are you in the process of planning your next vacation? There’s a good chance that you’re among the 96% of employed Americans that have shared their vacation time is important to them. It’s not surprising that many people in the United States prefer to travel abroad rather than locally for their vacations.

Do you feel more romantic when you travel abroad on vacation? A recent survey showed that about four out of every ten travelers feel more romantic as well. Just being away from the usual routine can make a difference for many couples.

If you’re within the Millennial age group, there’s a good chance that you prefer spending your hard-earned money on experiences rather than on material objects.The 2016 survey conducted by TopDeck Travel showed that this was the case with 76% of their Millennial participants. Just one of these experiences includes exploring local cuisines.

The 2016 TopDeclkTravel survey also revealed that 69% of the Millennial participants indicated they were inspired to sample the local cuisine when they traveled. In fact, they expressed that this was one of the major motivators to travel in other countries. “Eating local cuisine” was listed as very important for 98% of the Millennial participants. Forbes magazine also found that 98% of Millennials had a desire to expand their experience by sampling local cuisines.

It’s also interesting to note how some travelers choose their vacation destinations. When it comes to Millennials, for example, photos and movies both played a significant role in the decision-making process. The aforementioned survey found that 42% of Millennials made their decisions based on photos that their friends and families had shared with them. After seeing various locations in movies, 18% of the Millennial participants chose their vacation destinations.

Cost is often a barrier to leisure travel. Over 50% of Millennials and Gen Xers indicated that this was an issue for them. Since flying internationally can be quite costly, many potential travelers may be searching for cheap international flights. Discount travel is possible when someone spends the time to locate cheap international flights.

Most countries will offer vacation travelers Visa-free or Visa-upon-entry travel for 90 days or three months. This is usually the maximum stay allowed for these types of travelers. When budget-conscious travelers locate cheap international flights, they will be able to spend even more time and money enjoying local cuisines, touring sites of interest, and other meaningful experiences such as more romance.

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