If you need to take a group to any destination, the charter bus rental is a great way to go about it. Your local charter bus facility can offer a variety of buses and amenity options that are sure to please your group. Here’s everything you need to know and what to ask about at the charter bus facility.

Why Charter Bus?

Travel by mini coach rental or charter bus has a lot going for it. For one thing, it’s a whole lot easier to arrange than air travel or train travel, or carpooling, where people can get lost, lose their luggage, and last minute delays or flat tires can change everything. Charter bus travel is also more eco-friendly than air travel, train trips, or getting there by private car. Commuter rail offers approximately 92 miles per gallon, per passenger, while domestic air flights are approximately 44 miles per gallon, per passenger. A single passenger car only gets an average of 27 miles per gallon, per passenger. In contrast to all of these, motor coaches get 206 passenger miles per gallon of fuel.

Who Uses Charter Buses?

Charter buses get rented by all kinds of organizations, teams, and businesses. They make great family reunion vehicles. They are used by students and teachers for field trips, sorority outings, sports tournaments, and other events. Businesses use them for conferences and company events. Churches rent charter buses for mission trips, fellowship activities, and youth retreats. Sports teams often travel on a rental bus in order to make sure that everyone arrives on time and rested for the game.

What Size Bus Can We Rent?

A rental bus facility has a bus to suit almost any occasion and destination. The typical bus has about 55 seats, depending on the precise model, but they can have as many as 60 and as few as 30, depending on who makes it. If this is too large, the minibus offers a smaller and more intimate option with seats for anywhere from 18 to 35 people. You can expect the larger buses to come with lots of luggage space, restrooms, TV monitors and a DVD player, and many now even have Wi-Fi. Even the smaller buses will feature at least comfortable reclining seats and air-conditioning.

What About Food and Drink?

Most charter buses are happy to allow food and drink on the bus, but you should always verify this before you leave. If the group leaves behind a mess, be prepared to pay extra cleaning fees. Some buses will not allow food and drink, but will be happy to make frequent stops at a facility where these are available. Alcohol is usually allowed for adult passengers, but many companies will ask for a refundable deposit in case there’s damage from people having a bit too much.

What Can’t We Bring on the Bus?

You can bring a lot more on a charter bus then you can on the typical commercial flight, but there are a few prohibited items. Most bus companies will not allow pets on board, except for service animals. Each bus company will have specific policies about weapons, flammable materials, or dangerous chemicals. If you have questions, just ask.

What’s the Bathroom Like?

The restroom on a charter bus will, of course, be compact. Space limitations mean that there is just a toilet and a place to wash your hands, and it can be a little difficult to use because of bus movement. Your charter bus will make a stop at a rest facility along the way, though, so it’s usually recommended that people use the restroom on the boss only when necessary.

Is There Luggage Space?

You’ll find that most charter buses are very generous with their luggage space in comparison to a commercial flight. There are overhead bins and large luggage bays underneath the bus, and often a separate area for medium-sized items near the driver.

Speaking of drivers, charter bus companies look for safe and professional drivers with a good reputation, which is just one last reason charter bus travel is the best choice for groups.

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