In 2017, approximately 62% of Americans took a vacation away from home. By far, one of the most popular types of vacations — especially among families — is a beloved American pastime: the camping trip. Although it may be a time-honored tradition, going to a campground on your family vacation won’t make you feel stuck in the past. In fact, a camping trip is often just what we need in this digitally powered world. Here are just five good reasons you’ll want to add campgrounds to the top places you’ll visit with your family this year.

  1. It’s great for all ages: Visiting a cultural destination in Europe or going to a wellness resort might appeal to the adults in the group, but these tourist attractions aren’t necessarily ideal for the younger crowd. In contrast, camping vacations are well-suited for people of all ages and skill levels. Whether you’ve got little ones in tow or you’re planning on bringing along several generations, you can essentially customize your vacation with your needs in mind. Camping is an activity that can be enjoyed by toddlers and seniors alike (and everyone in between), which makes it one of the most versatile choices for family trips.
  2. There’s plenty to do: Another benefit of camping trips is that you’ll never even have a chance to be bored. While rest and relaxation can be nice, it gets old after a while. When you visit a Carter Caves campground, you’ll have countless activities to choose from. If hiking in Carter County KY is on your must-do list, there are lots of trails to explore. Want to learn survival skills or roast marshmallows over an open fire? You’ll get your chance when you go camping. Whether you want to go fishing, go swimming, or simply look up at the stars in the night sky, there are ample opportunities to learn, explore, and make amazing memories.
  3. You can really unplug: Our tech-driven world can provide us with a lot of convenience, but it can also drain our batteries (as well as those inside our devices). The pressure to constantly connect through a screen can have negative effects on our mental and physical well-being, especially among children. That’s why it’s so important to put away our gadgets and get back to nature. A camping trip provides the perfect excuse to do just that. You’ll be so busy that you’ll probably forget to check Facebook (or you might even be delighted to discover you don’t have cell service!). Imposing a device-free vacation might sound difficult at first, but your family camping trip will provide all the stimulation anyone will need.
  4. Family bonding will happen naturally: There’s no doubt about it — you and your loved ones will definitely get to spend a lot of quality time together during this vacation. With no external distractions and the beauty of nature all around you, you’ll have all kinds of opportunities to strengthen your relationships. That’s why camping vacations are actually a great option for larger families, especially when you don’t get a chance to see your relatives very often. You’ll have an experience you won’t soon forget when you take this kind of trip with your nearest and dearest.
  5. Active vacations promote lifelong health: Going on regular family camping trips will also promote healthy habits. That’s important for people of any age, but it’s particularly pivotal for young kids. If they learn the importance of being active from an early age, they’ll be more likely to lead a healthier lifestyle as they grow up. While there’ll be plenty of time to relax around the campfire, you’ll probably spend a lot of time walking, hiking, swimming, cooking, and more. When you can make exercise fun, the whole family will be more apt to participate.

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