Video games continue to be innovative, every year. With that said, one of the ways that video games will make way for future content involves flights. What flights aim to do, is allow people to play video games at their destination. This is so that people not only do not get bored, but they can also find other ways to entertain themselves as well. A strong example of a game that could help in this, is Minecraft. On their apps while at their destination, people can do things, such as create a Minecraft host multiplayer, a Minecraft server hosting list, and a Minecraft server modpack hosting. What these would aid in doing during a flight, is that they would help people to engage in ways that would make Minecraft more fun and interesting, not just for one person, but also for many others as well. Lastly, aspects like a Minecraft bedrock create server, would assist people in learning how to create unique Minecraft aesthetics that others could become engaged in, during a flight.

It’s difficult to deny the popularity of traveling by airplane. In fact, research shows that over 8 million people fly each day. Considering that, it’s important for commercial airlines to ensure that passengers have an enjoyable flight. For instance, research from TripAdvisor found that 25% of survey participants would choose one airline over another if it was able to offer wifi. With that in mind, many passengers will choose an airline that offers state of the art in flight entertainment. Here’s more information about a new form of in flight entertainment coming to airlines in the near future.

How Does In Flight Entertainment Work?

It’s understandable to wonder how does in flight entertainment work? There are many types of in flight entertainment. For instance, audio entertainment systems allow passengers to listen to a wide variety of music and news stations. If a passenger has a set of headphones, they will be able to listen to these programs.

Many commercial airlines also offer video entertainment. This type of in flight entertainment often involves placing monitors behind seats. It’s also common for airlines to place larger monitors at the front of an aircraft’s cabin. This type of in flight entertainment utilizes pre recorded data that’s stored on a server.

Airlines Offering Video Games for Passengers

One study found that 41% of airline passengers enjoy watching movies while flying. However, experts are working hard to create new types of in flight entertainment systems. According to research from Newzoo, the video game industry is now worth almost $135 billion. Considering that, passengers might soon be able to play video games while flying.

Currently, several airports offer gaming hubs for their customers. However, these hubs are only available in airports and not in actual airplanes. Unfortunately, there’s still work to be done regarding how to make in flight video game technology commercially available. Considering the popularity of video games and esports, companies are working hard to bring this type of technology into commercial aircraft.

In conclusion, aircraft passengers might soon be able to play video games while flying. If you’re wanting to offer the best experience for your customers, it’s important to focus on in flight entertainment. You can achieve this goal by partnering with a reliable provider of IFE products. These products include IFE monitors, power supplies, and other important components. In turn, you’ll feel great knowing your passengers have access to multiple types of in flight entertainment.

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