Every day in the United States, more than 6,500 weddings take place. To put it in perspective, that totals up to 2.4 million unions per year. Many things go into getting ready for a wedding day and more so if you plan on having a wedding on the beach.

As the bride, getting the perfect wedding gown is high on your priorities. You will tour an endless stream of wedding gown shops looking for that perfect dress that will make you look resplendent. But what goes into shaping your choice on the best gown for your big day? Here are some tips to help you make that decision.

1. Inspect the Dress in Natural Light

When you think of having a wedding on the beach, you most likely envision a daytime ceremony. Very few beach weddings (and other types of destination weddings) tend to happen at night. Therefore, it means that natural light will play a part in the outdoor aesthetics on your special day.

When you’re out shopping for your beach wedding gown, you mustn’t make a decision based on only what you see at the store. The gown might look a bit different under the artificial store light. Thus, ensure you take it out to the sunlight whenever you want to inspect it so that you know exactly how it will look like on your wedding day.

2. Pick Your Fabric Thoughtfully

With planning a wedding on the beach, chances are that the temperature might rise as the day wears on. Nothing can make you feel (and look) irritated like a stuffy wedding gown. As the bride, having unintentional grimaces in the middle of your beach wedding ceremony isn’t a good look.

Heavy fabric on a hot day can restrict your movement, making your memorable day less enjoyable. Shop for wedding gowns made of breathable material that will help keep you cool even as the day gets hot. Additionally, pick a gown made of light material that will get you feeling comfortable too.

3. Let Your Headdress Pop

One of the advantages of getting married on the beach is that as the bride, you get to have a more extensive choice of headdress to incorporate. A unique headdress will add an extraordinary feel and look to your gown, so don’t settle for the traditional tiara unless you’re not the adventurous type.

A popular but still unique approach is to use headdress material and design that relate to your venue. For example, you can use handpicked cowrie shells arranged uniquely to top off an unforgettable look.

4. Ditch the Long, Flowing Train

A gown with a long, flowing train is the image many have of a bride on her wedding day. But that kind of train can be a liability if you purpose to have your wedding at the beach. Unless you plan on laying a red carpet or having the bridesmaids carry the train, then it’s best to keep it short. Otherwise, you will collect debris lying on the beach and make your exceptional gown look unsightly.

5. Pick the Right Length

When planning a beach wedding, you have to think about the kind of footwear you’re going to use. Unlike an indoor or garden wedding, you can’t bring the killer heels to the party. Either they will keep sinking in the sad, or you might end up with a nasty ankle twist which effectively will ruin your special day.

The right length of your wedding gown will keep you feeling confident and comfortable. If you’re thinking of wearing some flats or sandals, then you need to buy a floor-length gown. It will hide the shoes well so that you can keep feeling fabulous all day long.

Look Magnificent at Your Wedding on the Beach

A wedding on the beach comes with many moving parts that you need to plan to succeed. One of those mission-critical issues is your wedding gown. Identify things that make for a perfect beach wedding gown so that you can have the time of your life.

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