There’s nothing quite like a refreshing dip in the ocean. When you add snorkeling to the mix, the world is transformed into your oyster.

Today recreational diving and snorkeling is one of the most popular ways of enjoying the summer. It’s a great family activity thanks to its low learning curve, though can easily be enjoyed solo or with a friend. You can take the hobby just about anywhere, to boot. Becoming a skilled snorkeler, however, is best done with the aid of a professional. They’ll teach you how to dive properly, take care of your equipment, and enjoy the waters to the fullest.

Before you dig around for the best snorkels, look below to learn more about your next favorite activity.

Did You Know?

The ocean is a fascinating place filled with many enduring mysteries. Scientists have estimated a little over 70% of the Earth is covered in water, with the average depth at 12,000 feet. The dark ocean has depths of 1,000 to 5,000 meters, so deep and dark it’s known as the abyssal zone. It’s not just an extravaganza for ocean creatures, but for the rest of the world. Around 50% of the oxygen we breathe is produced by the deep blue.

Basic Facts About Beginner Diving

Despite the title, diving is not something you can jump right into. Even the best snorkels won’t do much unless you know what you’re getting into. First off, a depth of 10 meters will affect a diver’s ability to see the colors red and yellow. Wearing a flat scuba mask will also make objects appear 35% bigger and 25% closer. These little details may not seem like much, but knowing what you’re up against will help you enjoy your hobby to the fullest.

The Growing Popularity Of Snorkeling

You’re not the only one looking for the best snorkels. According to a recent study, over three million scuba divers actively enjoying the hobby. The recreational diving and snorkeling industry brings in over $10 billion to the American GDP, to boot. Simply put, snorkeling and diving is a great way to step out of the box when the weather gets hot. You can even add spearfishing to the mix to bring home something tasty.

Why You Should Consider Spearfishing

Thinking of adding a little more adventure to the mix? Just toss in spearfishing and enjoy the ride. Scuba diving lessons will provide you a well-rounded experience, helping you become a better swimmer and a better hunter. Spearfishing is an old art that’s been around for many thousands of years, still used to this day in order to bring in the best catch. Don’t be afraid to ask questions while you learn, as nothing great is achieved in a day.

Questions To Ask Your Scuba Instructor

When you decide to step things up a notch, reach out to a professional diver and ask about their scuba diving lessons. They’ll set you up with good snorkeling gear and teach you the ins and outs of the hobby. You can bring the whole family or go solo, but don’t hesitate to ask questions! Make sure you don’t have any preexisting conditions that could impact diving, such as asthma or fatigue. Find the right snorkeling equipment and give it a test run before committing to any long stretch in the water.

Enjoy the cool water in style. Pick up the best snorkels on your way to a scuba diving class and see the world from a new point of view.

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