If you’re looking for private guided tours in one of the European countries this year, consider visiting Ireland. This is the third-largest island in the European continent. You might have visited several old cities in Eastern Europe, but this is the time to check on what Western Europe has to offer. This article highlights some of the hot tourist spots that you should not miss when visiting Ireland.

Cliffs of Moher

One of the best places to visit through private guided tours is the Cliffs of Moher. These are natural attractions, which present some of the most attractive tourist points in all inclusive Ireland tours. They are large and tall stones that swell of the great Atlantic Ocean and cannot be seen in other parts of the world. It is one of the best places to get some memorable pictures, especially during spring, when the rocks are covered by green grass.


For the best tours in Ireland, you have to visit Sligo. This is a small and welcoming town that has rich information about medieval Ireland and the larger western European countries. With private guided tours, you will come across some arched stone bridges, lichen-spotted abbey, and eighteenth-century townhouses. When visiting Sligo, come prepared for the breathtaking sceneries of salt-sprayed towns of Sligo Bay and views of pebble beaches.

Killarney National Park

There are no private guided tours of Ireland that end without visiting Killarney National Park. Ireland group tours will do good to visit this natural treasure located in Kerry County. Besides the majestic red deer that rules the jungle, you will come across some of the most adorable forests and natural trees such as ash forest, yew, and primeval oak. Killarney National Park has already been named UNESCO Heritage Park, which is a clear indication that it reserves its rights to be mentioned in this list.

Boyne Valley

If you are looking for something similar to Meuse of Belgium or Loire of France, you got one in Boyne Valley. This is a 110 miles of verdant heartlands that characterize the famous Kildare County. It extends down to the Irish Sea, which will allow you to see some of the most breathtaking natural features across the country. You cannot tour in Ireland and miss this beautiful natural masterpiece that is green to the hilt.

The Rock of Cashel

If you have seen those rocks in the ‘Game of Thrones’ drama series, you will book guided private tours in Ireland to see this natural monument. This is one of the oldest rocks in the country and was one of the Fortress sites of the Muster Kings way back in the middle ages. The rock has remained relevant and an attractive site that sits across sweeping views of Munster backcountry. It is a symbol of Irish resilience that you should not miss.

Blarney Castle

If you are more interested in castle tours of Ireland, visiting Blarney Castle should be your ultimate dream vacation destination. This is one of the castles that have been in the country dating far back as the 1200s. It is one of Ireland’s bucket-list sites that have consistently proved to be one of the most attractive man-made sites in the country. Although the castle has been reconstructed, you will get an opportunity to see some of the old paths and artifacts.


For luxurious guided private tours in Ireland, Dublin is the ultimate destination. This city continues to attract millions of visitors every year due to its unique style and welcoming behavior. A town full of Guinness-filled pubs and other elegant alcoholic drinks is one of the best party zones in Western Europe. Some of the major attraction traits of Dublin include hedonism, cocktail, culture, heritage, and class.

There are many places you can visit in the United Kingdom, such as England, Wales, and Scotland. However, Ireland presents one of the best places for private guided tours where you and your entire family can spend vacation while at the same time enjoying what Ireland has to offer.


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