Surveys confirm that around 98% of all American workers believe that taking a vacation is important to them, and a vacation is a fine chance to unwind and get away from it all. Most often, someone on vacation is going to travel further than 50 miles from where they live, so they can see and experience many new things. This supports a strong domestic tourism industry in the United States, which spans trains, buses, planes, hotels, and more. Where to go on vacation? Many Americans opt for the sunny beaches of Florida, California, and Hawaii, and this may create a “typical” image of a vacation. But Alaska also proves popular for tourism, and this state is not to be dismissed as a bleak chunk of ice and rock. In fact, many tourists may agree that Alaska’s natural terrain is quite beautiful, from its mountains and glaciers to lakes, pine forests, and even fields of flowers in warm weather. Tourists up ther can take glacier helicopter tours, tours by dogsled, and a whole lot more. There’s no wrong way to tour Alaska, though some tourists may prefer glacier helicopter tours over staying a in a log cabin or an ice fishing shack.

Tourism in Alaska

Someone who visits Alaska for glacier helicopter tours or dogsled tours is not going to be alone up there. Many Americans visit Alaska, and they are often very satisfied with their trips up there. In 2017, Alaska welcomed some 1.93 million tourists, which was in fact a 4% increase over 2016’s figures. The state suffered a tourism slump in 2010 due to the recession, but the numbers have rebounded greatly, and tourism spending in Alaska is strong. Throughout the state, visitors have spent about $3.2 billion, and tourism has generated some 43,000 jobs there. The state’s interior might prove especially popular for tourists. Overall, most surveyed tourists returning from Alaska report that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their trip, and some were surprised by how much they enjoyed that vacation. Only a very slim minority reported being dissatisfied with their Alaska trip.

Glacier Helicopter Tours

How to tour this enormous, chilly state? Outdoors enthusiasts may shack up in a cabin, but other tourists might be more urban-minded and will visit cities such as Juneau and Anchorage. These tourists may explore Alaska’s wilderness from up high, on board glacier helicopter tours. To book a flight, a tourist is urged to visit a tour company’s website a few weeks or months ahead of time, and find a suitable slot and schedule it. In fact, some tourists might find a good tour slot and then arrange the rest of their vacation around it, if that proves more convenient. Once the tour group arrives in Alaska and their tour’s time slot comes up, they can visit the air base and meet the staff there. The tourists may then choose a pilot and vehicle that are to their liking, get on board, and take off. The tourists and staff will wear headsets so that everyone can hear each other over the vehicle’s noise, and the tour guide may explain local history and nature while answering tourists’ questions. At some point in the flight, tyh4e helicopter may land on safe ground near glaciers, and the tourists may step out and see the wilderness up close.

Other Activities in Alaska

Outdoors lovers may get the most out of an Alaska vacation. Rather than stay in a city’s hotel, they might rent a log cabin in the wilderness, and they can take dogsled tours across the snowy ground. Big game hunters may get permits and go hunting for bear, elk, moose, and other game that they can’t easily find in their own home state. Fishers may visit the creeks and streams, and tourists can also go kayaking on the river rapids. Meanwhile, Alaska may also be a great place for hiking and rock climbing, and tourists can sketch and photograph the wildlife that they see. Meanwhile, some creative brides and grooms choose Alaska as a venue for their outdoor wedding in spring or summer, and they can fly the entire wedding party there and book hotel rooms in bulk. Alaska’s glaciers, lakes, and pine forest can make for an unforgettable natural backdrop.

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