Nearly all surveyed American workers agree that taking a vacation is quite important to them, since a vacation is a great way to relax, unwind, and “get away from it all.” A tourist may see wonderful new sights and sounds while far from home, and they will come back mentally refreshed and recharged. Many Americans picture the sunny beaches of Florida, Hawaii, and California when it comes to domestic tourism (and not without reason), but Alaska is a fine option as well. This northern state isn’t a barren tundra; it is home to bountiful wildlife and gorgeous vistas, and there’s more to see and do up there than many American tourists realize. These activities range from helicopter tours in Anchorage and Juneau to helicopter rides in glacier wedding packages to dogsled tours and hunting, among other activities.

Helicopter Rides Up North

Alaska is a massive and thinly populated state (even counting the native peoples), meaning it’s a great place to explore nature. Some tourists are rugged and want to see nature up close, while others may be more comfortable taking helicopter rides and seeing Alaska’s grand panoramas from up high. It can be an impressive sight up there, and helicopter rides are known to include brief landings atop glaciers, where tourists may get out and see the terrain for themselves and take pictures. Alaska, like Hawaii out in the Pacific, is home to a number of helicopter tour companies, and an interested tourist can book a tour online.

Alaska doesn’t get the same tourist traffic that Hawaii does, but still, a tourist is urged to look online weeks or even a few months ahead of time to find helicopter ride time slots available, and book one that fits their schedule. Or, if the tourist is still forming their travel plans and they really want a helicopter ride, they might book a helicopter tour time slot first and then plan their vacation around it. Once the tourist’s group arrives at Alaska and visits the aerial tour company’s base, they can meet the staff and pilots there and choose a helicopter they like. Then, the group gets on board and the helicopter takes off, and everyone will wear headsets so they can hear each other and the tour guide over the vehicle’s noise (for safety, doors and windows will be closed). The tour guide will then describe local history and facts, and answer any questions the tourists may have. And these helicopters may fly in all but the worst weather.

Some creative brides and grooms rent helicopter rides in exotic states like Alaska and Hawaii to visit destination wedding spots during agreeable weather. Online, they can find glacier flight packages and rent one, and this is a great call for small, intimate ceremonies. The bride and groom, and a few other people, will board the helicopter and fly up to a secluded spot atop a glacier, and host their ceremony while enjoying fresh air and an incredible panoramic view. Some of these wedding flight packages include extra amenities, such as wine bottles.

Other Alaska Activities

Taking helicopter rides is a great way to explore the state, but that’s not the only option. Many tourists in Alaska are outdoors enthusiasts looking to visit nature up close, and rather than rent modern hotels in the cities, they tend to rent cabins out in the wilds, so they are conveniently close to good hunting and fishing spots. Big game hunters can fly up to Alaska to hunt game like bears, moose, and elk, and Alaska is also a great state for fishing, such as fishing for salmon in the rivers or going ice fishing on frozen lakes (they can either build or rent an ice fishing shack for that).

Meanwhile, other tourists in Alaska can go hiking just about anywhere, and sketch or photograph all kinds of native plants and animals they won’t find in their own state, especially during spring and summer. Tourists also like to go rock climbing or mountain climbing, and they may go kayaking on the rapids of Alaska’s rivers. Meanwhile, touring on dog sleds is a time-honored art in Alaska, and can prove great fun on snowy terrain.

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