Replacement oakley lenses

Replacing sunglass lenses is enough. All you have to do is pop or screw them back in, which takes all of 10 minutes usually. Before you can do that though, you have to buy a pair of replacement lenses for sunglasses, which can be a little bit trickier than you’d think.

Here are a few of the considerations you should make when purchasing replacement sunglass lenses.

Replacement Type.

There are three main types of replacement lenses: authentic, generic, and custom. Authentic lenses are made by the same name-brand company that manufactured the frames, while generic replacement lenses are made by third-party companies to fit certain models of sunglasses. Custom lenses are made to order, and are usually pricier as a result.

Material Type.

Most lenses are made from one of three different materials: glass, plastic, or polycarbonate plastic. Glass is scratch resistant, but it doesn’t quite offer the same amount of UV protection that other materials do. Plastic offer more UV protection than glass, and is more durable, but it’s also not very scratch resistant. Polycarbonate plastic is incredibly durable and offers the most UV protection, but because it’s plastic, it’s not very scratch resistant.


Polarized replacement lenses are much better than non-polarized replacement lenses, because they cut down on glare, reduce eye strain, and improve the wearer’s clarity of vision. If you find yourself squinting even though you have sunglasses on, or find yourself having difficulties with glare while driving, you should consider buying polarized replacement lenses.

Remember: it’s not a matter of knowing how to fix sunglasses, it’s a matter of knowing what to buy before you even try to replace sunglass lenses. With so many options out there, it’d be a waste of opportunity to just buy the first set or lenses you come across. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

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