Camping amboy il

Family camping trips are definitely some of the most popular vacation options today, not only because campgrounds are incredibly affordable, but also because there are tons of different sites and activities available nearly any time of the year. In fact, here are just a few statistics behind the camping industry to show you just how popular this family pastime has become:

515 million: The number of separate family camping outings in 2010 across the U.S., with over 40 million people taking trips (in many cases, taking multiple trips each year) and spending a collective 534.9 million days on camping trips.

86%: The percentage of campers who prefer to use tents — and considering that only 33% of campers prefer the second-most popular form of camping (cabin rentals), it’s easy to see that if you enjoy tent camping, you’ll have plenty of campsite options to choose from. In fact, the most stressful thing about this huge industry might be trying to pick out which campsite you want to visit first!

Five: The average number of separate trips taken, per year, by Americans who regularly camp. Even if the thought of five different family camping trips makes you a little queasy, many campers — about 70% — bring plenty of friends along for the fun as well, or simply make new friends at public campgrounds and parks.

The best part about camping is probably also the one thing that tends to stress people out — there’s simply too many activities to do, too many tourist destinations to see, and too many choices for places to camp (although this isn’t really a bad thing at all). Regardless of what camping style you prefer or how much money you can spend on a vacation, family camping trips are some of the best ways to reconnect with friends and family while relaxing and having fun.

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