Sightseeing adventure

When people look to plan a sightseeing adventure, a Colorado vacation is seen as a great option. Many vacationers choose to visit Buena Vista for its gorgeous mountain views, hiking and things to do. The community is home to more than ten peaks over 14,000 feet. It is only a half an hour away from St. Elmo, a nearly perfectly preserved ghost town.

If you are planning a trip to Buena Vista, and the name means ?beautiful view,? there are a few things you will want to consider and do to make your trip truly special:

  1. Prepare yourself for the altitude. Like most of Colorado, Buena Vista sits high above sea level (7, 954 feet). If you are not used to this, your body will need some time to adjust. Take the first day, 24 hours at least, to acclimate. Take that time to enjoy the beautiful mountain views from your hotel. Just relax. Keep the altitude in mind when planning your daily activities. There is lot to do but you do not want to overtire yourself.
  2. Prepare to dress in layers. You will encounter a wide variety of temperatures throughout your stay. You will want to dress in layers as your day may start out very cold, get to be pretty warm and end up cold again.
  3. Take care of your feet. Few things can derail a vacation like painful feet. Your shoes will get wet. It is worth it to bring multiple pairs of shoes and, if you can, some hardy boots to keep your feet warm and dry.
  4. Check out the local sights. All of the area hotels have people who can direct you to sights and attractions. They can tell you where the best mountain views are or if you are looking for hot springs, which ones the locals like. Getting away from the touristy areas can really add something special to your visit.
  5. Try to visit during the off season. In a state like Colorado, there is not a classic off season but you can look to get travel deals and find ways to avoid the crowds if you fo at off-peak times. You can research all of this online but even if you go during a peak time, you can avoid the traffic and lines by planning your activities accordingly. Keep this all in mind when making reservations for meals or anything else.
  6. Keep the weather in mind. Make it a point every day to know what to expect from the weather. Also, you may not need it at sea level but everyone should wear sunscreen at higher elevations like the ones you will find in Colorado. Even if you are all bundled up for a day on the slopes, some of your skin will be exposed. The sun is stronger at a higher elevation and bounces off the snow to become amplified.
  7. Unplug and enjoy the outdoors! If you and your family are like most people in the United States, you spend most of your time tied to your devices. Take advantage of the time you have in this special place to unplug and enjoy spending time with people close to you and take in the great scenery ? the mountain views, the small town atmosphere and everything else the area has to offer.

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