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While plenty of adults go camping with friends and significant others, families need to have different accommodations to make sure that little ones are comfortable on their trip. Yet not all parents know exactly what to look for when they search for family-friendly campgrounds, especially if it’s their first time doing so.

If you’re planning a family camping vacation for the future, make sure that your campgrounds have these three great all-ages features to get the best experience possible:

Plenty of Natural Space

Whether you’re looking to hike in the mountains or swim and fish on a tranquil lake, the best family camping resorts will have all the natural beauty you seek close by. Some campgrounds even have trails that are designed for families, so everyone has an easy time keeping up. Look for campgrounds set among the types of natural features you and your kids want to see, so everyone can have a memorable vacation.

Comfortable Accommodations

While tent camping remains the most popular form of camping, done by about 86% of campers, there are other ways to stay out in nature without having to brave the elements or spend precious hours setting up a campsite. Some campgrounds will allow you to park an RV, so you and your family have all the convenience and luxury of home at your disposal. If recreational vehicles aren’t exactly your thing, though, you can also rent a cabin at a family-friendly camping resort. Cabin rentals are ideal for big families or those who don’t want to go without convenient cooking and sleeping options. Check out which accommodations your favorite campgrounds offer.

Additional Attractions

Today’s campgrounds don’t just have cabins and green space. They also have a number of family-friendly attractions that can make your trip one-of-a-kind. From wagon rides to miniature golf, there’s something to keep the whole family happy year round. Other parks have attractions just for kids, like jump pillows and water parks for summer playtime. Find a campground near you that has all of your family’s favorite activities.

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