Winter camping

Tired of waiting in amusement park lines, peeling sunburns, or sitting on another cramped airplane flight? Americans planning family vacations or romantic weekends should look no further than the fun and adventures that await them at rustic cabins in the mountains. Here are three reasons why your next vacation could be the adventure of a lifetime:

Camping is fun. The outdoors abound with activities and adventures galore, and you won?t have to wait in a long line to enjoy them. From hiking to rock climbing to whitewater rafting, the options are endless. A vast majority of campers will spend time hiking trails along some of the most picturesque views in the world, while others will enjoy the many others that wait. Most campers enjoy multiple activities while they?re camping.

At the end of a long day, nothing could be more relaxing than returning to your rustic cabins rental for a cookout, bonfire, singing, food and friends. While a majority of people will camp in tents, rustic cabins provide the outdoors same feel, along with modern day amenities like showers, bathrooms, kitchens, and beds. Another huge perk of renting a cabin or campsite instead of a hotel room is that 70 percent of the time, campers will bring their friends with them too.

Camping is romantic. Imagine a peaceful vacation where you and your special person can focus entirely on each other and your relationship. From winter to summer, a vacation spent in rustic cabins is perfect for all seasons too. What could be more intimate than relaxing inside of a cozy cabin with fireplace, hot chocolate or lemonade, and a world of adventure at your doorstep? And here?s a tip: a romantic stargazing date is best from your closest campsite.

Camping is accessible. Most people live within 200 miles of their closest campground and go camping near their homes at least five times a year. From Virginia to California, the possibilities for the type of outdoor activity and view are endless and easy to reach. Rustic cabins are often cost-sensitive vacation rentals. And everyone, from infants to couples to grandparents, can find something to enjoy on a camping vacation. In fact, camping is a popular vacation choice for families. In 2011 alone, American families spent a total of over 534 million days camping, and that won?t stop anytime soon. Whether you?re camping in a tent, a vacation rental, rustic cabins or an RV, camping vacation could be the best one yet.

What are you waiting for? A romantic, fun-filled adventure is out there!

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