Charter jet services

On an average day at any time of year, there are more than 8 million taking trips by plane all around the world. About one in every five passengers requests a window seat, and most travelers want just a little bit more leg room. There are about three times as many trips taken for work every year as vacation flights, and some frequent business fliers are looking to save time.

Charter jet companies may operate fewer yearly flights than commercial airlines, but are able — due to their smaller size — to fly into smaller airports that remain inaccessible to major airlines. With over 5,000 airports around the country accepting landings from charter jets, companies that do business in smaller markets or rural areas may find that the option to charter a private jet may work well for employees who travel frequently. Private jet charters should also be able to work with clients to establish arrival and departure times for their flights.

Private jet charter companies are required to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration in the same fashion as commercial jetliners: there are over 2,000 charter jet companies operating across the United States. Almost half of privately chartered business flights are able to land in airports without regularly scheduled takeoffs and departures; business passengers who are able to circumvent airport wait times tend to report higher levels of productivity on business flights.

In an age where half of all business travelers take more than 30 flights every year, many companies want to maximize time spent with clients during business trips. The ability to meet with clients in the air, the convenience of bypassing airport protocols, and the increase in productivity reported by many business travelers make companies more willing to contract private charter jets for business trips.

Some vacationers also find that a privately chartered jet flight can make longer trips more pleasant: recent trends indicate that many couples are chartering jets for honeymoons and longer vacations. College-bound students who want to take a tour of several campuses with a group of friends may choose to charter a private flight, with ample room for parents included, of course.

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