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So you are finally planning that perfect warm, tropical vacation and you are struggling with all of the details. Where will you stay? What types of amenities are important to you and your travel guests? What type of views should you be looking for? What is an acceptable price to pay for lodging accommodations? How can you tell if the lodging is clean and secure? All of these questions are common for someone planning a trip. You are traveling to an unknown destination and you are trusting your families safety and fun to lodging accommodations that you have never seen before. How do you choose the right one, without physically being able to see them?
In the United States, over 650 million long distance summer trips are made. Long distance trips may it more difficult to plan, especially if you have not been to the area before. Travelers are left to rely on customer reviews and photos of the lodging. There are many different types of lodging available to families and spouses.

They all range in pricing and in type of amenities that are available. The most popular type of lodging in the coastal states, such as Florida is hotels or a seaside resort. A seaside resort is located directly on the oceanfront, which usually means that your hotel room has beautiful views of the ocean. Many resorts may also include multiple pools, dining on site and even local bars along the beach. Guests who stay at an ocean resort often do not have to travel outside of the resort much for entertainment.

Guests who prefer more privacy and accommodations for larger families or extended stays may prefer the rental of homes over a seaside resort. A house provides much more space and appliances like washer, dryer, dishwasher and fridge. These appliances may be important for someone who is traveling with a large family or for a long period of time.

Those who wish to experience camping along the ocean can find lodging facilities of cabins of campsite rentals. These sites often do not include much, but may have a common house with restrooms, showers and electricity. These types of accommodations may not be ideal for extended stays. Additionally, guests may have to do a lot of traveling to reach the ocean or the many attractions that coastal cities offer.
The hotel industry is the most popular choice of lodging for tropical vacation visitors. Guests do not have to worry about much, with everything they need included right at the seaside resort. The global hotel industry was forecasted to generate 550 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2016. Guests enjoy staying in hotels, because it has the home away from home feel.

Florida has more than 8,460 miles of tidal shoreline, second only to Alaska in that category. Regardless of the type of lodging that you choose, you are within driving distance to one of Florida?s coast lines. You are also within a short drive to many of Florida?s exciting attractions, providing entertainment to all members of your family.

Planning a family vacation entails a lot of details. One of the most important details is choosing the lodging for you and your family. The lodging that best suits you will depend on your families preferences and desires during the vacation. Families can choose between hotel resorts, home rentals or even camping in tents or cabins. The most popular type of lodging is that of a seaside resort because of the convenience of travel, the guest services and the closeness to all of the attractions that Florida has to offer.

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