Camping in colorado

Family vacations can be some of the best times of your life but can also be some of the most stressful times of your life. There are so many factors that go into vacations that could lead to a wonderful getaway, a fun-filled adventure, or an absolute nightmare and disaster.

Hotel vacations to exotic beaches and large cities can be a lot of fun, but there is a much higher chance of something going wrong than family camping trips. Here are a few reasons why camping is the best option for your family vacation:

  1. Relaxing — The main reasons families go on vacation in the first place is to relax. Going to crowded beaches with little kids isn’t always as relaxing as you might think. But staying at camp resorts and quietly staying in the woods with no one around can give you the relaxation you and your family deserve.
  2. Affordable — Staying at a five-star resort on the beach is great, sure, but it’ll cost you a whole heck of a lot more than a tent and a few sleeping bags will. Depending on the level of camping your family can handle, you really only need to bring a few things with you: tent, sleeping bag, hygiene essentials, and some snacks. The rest is up to nature to provide.
  3. Fun — The best part about camping, without a doubt, is that it is fun! And fun for the whole family, not just your kids. Fishing, ghost stories, hiking, and just goofing around with your family can be just what you need.
  4. Responsibility — When most people think of a fun, relaxing getaway, the word “responsibility” probably doesn’t come to mind. That’s understandable. But camping with your kids — those energy-filled sugar monsters — can be a great chance to teach them a little bit about responsibility. They don’t have to spend the entire trip hunting with a spear or lugging back firewood, but doing little tasks like pitching the tent, gathering kindling, and cleaning up can teach them some valuable life lessons.
  5. Nature — Some camp resorts are just an open patch of grass — which is fine, if that’s your thing — but some camp resorts really know how to let nature do its thing. That’s one of the benefits of camping: to allow yourselves to appreciate nature that you might never think about in your everyday lives. Just take the time to look at the water, the trees, the stars, the animals and everything else surrounding you can be great for your whole family.
  6. Dirty — You spend too much of your life being clean. It’s time to let loose and get a little dirty. Play in the dirt with your kids. Walk around barefoot. Grab a handful of worms and throw them in the water or however you like to fish. Get a little dirty and have fun!

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