Carriage tours

We have all seen the romantic scene in a movie. The couple steps onto the horse and carriage ride, with love and romance in their eyes. They take in the local sights of the city, making funny conversation with the driver. They wave as people stop and stare. In some cases, the horse and buggy rides end with a marriage proposal. Other times, they end with a greater romantic appreciation of one another. Horse drawn carriage rides can be extremely romantic and entertaining. If you are planning carriage ride for your significant other, consider adding to the entertainment of the day by traveling to a specific destination via the best carriage tours.

Airport travel

When you travel to a new city for a previously planned vacation, you often require some type of transportation from the airport to your lodging accommodations. Most people take a cab or rented vehicle. You can add to the romance of your trip by arranging classic carriage tours to transport you from the airport. This is a great way to start out the vacation with good intentions, while also learning about the city you will be visiting for the next couple of days. With 42% of travelers feeling more romantic on vacation, horse drawn carriage rides are the perfect addition.

Special event dinner

Are you traveling with your significant other for an anniversary, birthday, or honeymoon? Although the entire vacation is for this purpose, there is usually one specified night of celebration. This is a night that you should go all out. Celebrate the other person and everything that you share together. Get all dressed up, arrange horse carriage rides throughout the city, and share a wonderful meal together. The addition of the carriage tours will allow you to spend more time together, without having to worry about driving. It will also add a spike of romance to your celebratory evening out together.

Sightseeing tours

Even if you are not vacationing to celebrate a specific event, you can still arrange horse drawn carriage rides. They are the perfect way to sightsee, because you are not crammed into a vehicle. They are also preferential over bus tours, because you can take in the beautiful sights of the city, without the distractions of other travelers. The horse drawn carriage rides are also slower paced, giving you plenty of opportunity to see everything.

Horse drawn carriage rides can even be entertaining for family travel. About 37% of families say that vacations make them happy, making it the activity that makes families most happy. Children particularly, tend to enjoy horse drawn carriage sightseeing tours. They will find the horse especially amusing and the family usually finds the entire experience to be bonding. Arrange a carriage trip to a local sightseeing attraction, such as the city museum. America?s first museum, the Charleston Museum, was founded in 1773 and is a great destination option.

All weather inclusive activity

Your initial thought might be that horse drawn carriage rides are only ideal for warm weather conditions. This, however, is not the case. It can be just as exciting to take a horse carriage ride throughout a city during snow, or even rain. One of the best parts of the horse drawn carriage ride is that you are covered. Although you can see out of the side windows of the carriage and the front might be open, the top is covered completely. Some of the best carriage rides are in the winter time as the sun begins to set.

There is an element of romance when it comes to horse drawn carriage rides. The slow pace and ability to take in the sights of the city will add to any relationship. Plan a horse drawn carriage ride on your next vacation, whether it is a romantic anniversary vacation, a family trip with the children, or even a routine family visit with your spouse. It is sure to be an experience that you both will remember forever.

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