Kayaking in new orleans

There’s so much to see and do in Louisiana and New Orleans that many visitors never get to see the natural beauty of the wetlands and swamps. Kayak swamp tours are the best way to see and experience the famous bayous of Louisiana, and their unique flora and fauna. They’re also a great way to enrich your children’s environmental education, teaching them about the importance of wetlands research and management.

Swamps and wetlands are a unique natural resource
New Orleans. Louisiana. They are among the most exciting tourist destinations in the world, famous for the music, the culture, the sights, and of course, the food and drink. Then there’s the natural beauty of the region, with its rivers and waterways, swamps and wetlands and mysterious and romantic bayous.
Louisiana has about 41% of all the wetlands in the U.S. This unique natural environment is home to many different kinds of birds, animals and aquatic life. The longest bayou in the world is the Bayou Bartholomew. It covers 375 miles in the states of Arkansas and Louisiana and harbors more than 100 different fish species. The wetlands play an important part in the history and economy of the state, and kayak swamp tours are a good way to learn about this role.

Getting up close in a kayak
Kayaking is also the best way to see the swamps and bayous, without disturbing the wildlife. This includes herons, eagles, turtles, otters, alligators, pelicans, deer, beavers, civet cats and many more species. There’s also the black bear, the state animal of Louisiana. If all of this sounds like a dream vacation for the kids, that may be because it is.
A study by the Institute of Education at Plymouth University found what many parents already know: that kids are happier on vacations like camping, where they can do kid friendly activities. Vacations are a happy time for families, and beautiful and interesting surroundings make the whole outing fun and educational. In fact, it’s likely that this will be a vacation that your kids will never forget.

Ecofriendly swamp tours

Kayak swamp tours help you get close to this natural world, adding another dimension to your Louisiana vacation. Eco friendly swamp tours are a great way to teach kids about biodiversity, with the rich world of the swamps and bayous unfolding before them. They’re also perfect for photography and fishing enthusiasts.
Low impact kayak tours put minimal stress on the environment, without disturbing plants or wildlife. Another advantage of using kayaks to tour the swamp is that you can get close to the wildlife without being seen as intruders. You may be lucky enough to see an eagle fishing, or a family of otters at play.

Kayak swamp tours are a low impact way to see the natural world and to learn about its importance in the history and culture of Louisiana. For a family friendly holiday, it’s the perfect way to round out a visit to New Orleans.

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