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Southern California is famous for its laid back vibes (like, it’s so SoCal), great food, perfect weather, and of course ? its beaches. Manhattan Beach is nestled among a number of other popular SoCal beaches, such as Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach among many others. And while of these beaches are everything you’d expect a picturesque SoCal beach to be, each one has its own distinct vibe.

So why visit Manhattan Beach? Because beach volleyball. Because surfing. Because beachside brunch. A weekend trip or vacation to Manhattan Beach has something for everyone in the family, which is just one reason why Manhattan Beach tourism is high. There are so many things to do in Manhattan Beach for children and adults, which makes it a great family friends destination.

And what family weekend or vacation in Manhattan Beach would be complete without a trip to the beach? A family day at the beach is great way to spend time together as family. But all that fun in the sand and sun requires a great of planning and preparation, especially with little ones in tow. Use these 5 genius parenting hacks to enjoy a drama free weekend Manhattan Beach Getaway.

Bring on the baby powder…

Got sand everywhere? Baby powder and other alternatives such as cornstarch can be rubbed onto the skin to slough off stubborn sand. Because baby powder is so absorbent, it leaves skin so dry that even sand can’t stick to it. Use baby powder on hands and feet before snack time and before putting on flip flops.

…and a few balloons

Your kids’ ears may be plugged after spending so much time in the water during a weekend Manhattan Beach Getaway, and trying to get that excess water out can be challenging. You can have your kids gently blow into a deflated balloon a few times in order to force out any excess water. Not only is it fun, but it also works! Not only will your kids’ ears be dry, but they can then enjoy their balloon!

Dirty Diaper Deception

Although Manhattan Beach is a safe, family friendly area, you don’t want your electronic valuables to “get away” from you during your family weekend Manhattan Beach getaway. Even if you keep them in a purse or back pack, this may not be enough to deter thieves or pickpockets, who have no problem snatching anything that looks remotely valuable. There is however, one thing they have no interest in snatching: a dirty diaper. Wrap your smartphones, car keys, wallet, and other valuables in a diaper. Not only will this keep sand away from your possessions, but thieves will stay far away too.

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