Bill Self. Joel Embiid. Paul Pierce. Wilt Chamberlain.

Names of greatness, representing the historic contribution of Kansas University basketball. Championships. Final fours. Excitement…college hoops.

Statistics on Kansas University:

  • It serves approximately 28,000 students and 2,600 faculty.
  • It has five campuses.
  • The football team scores over 30 points per game during the 2017 season.
  • Three NCAA men’s basketball championships.
  • 14 NCAA men’s basketball final four appearances.
  • A standing and reputation as one of college basketball’s elite.

Men’s basketball, at the NCAA level, during March Madness, is a spectacle to behold. The committee selections. The rankings. The match-ups. 1 versus 16. 3 versus 14. 7 versus 8. Throngs of people cheering for their teams. Stadiums around the country, filled with fans and players. Buzzer beaters. Unknown players becoming household names, whispered with some respect and possible fear (looking at you Steph Curry).

Legends growing with each passing game.

Getting into college hoops signifies a value that college brings. There’s love for the University. Service. Coaching legends giving instruction. 19 to 22 year olds, playing their hearts out to make it onto the court. Living off academic scholarship and nothing else. Amateurism.

Bill Self.

Roy Williams.

Mike Krzyzewski.

The bond between institutions and their fans. The alumni. The women and men who grew up with the University, from birth, from the time they went to school, set foot onto campus, wore the team colors, cheered for their team, whether football or baseball or basketball, moments that led to memories that linger each time a game is played.

That signifies college athletics.

Winner take all.

A unique and special game takes place on University campuses all around the country. For individuals, men and women, who have gone to a University, and most important, have children already at that University, little more has value than the alumni weekend.

Think of families together–parents and the students–taking in a sport competition, whether that is football or another spot. Wearing the team colors. Enjoying their youth or remembering past days.

Kansas University has an alumni basketball weekend. Just for that weekend, fans watch as their favorite team pummels a rival that is usually lesser ranked than they are. The Kansas University alumni basketball weekend is no different. The game is the game. There are the possibilities of other activities as well–and participating in other team events.

Kansas University, like Universities all around the country, has a high premium for hotel spaces. Some statistics:

  • In 2014, the estimate for hotel rooms in America was nearly five million.
  • Globally, U.S. travelers spend $162 billion on hotels.
  • July 2017: Average rate or hotels was $131

There are many options for hotels around Kansas University. You will choose from historic hotels, different hotel amenities, a room with a view (who doesn’t want one), and others. You will choose to eat at historic restaurants, family owned establishments, even chains or McDonald’s if you so choose.

Little rivals being able to spend time with your son or daughter while watching your favorite team play. See your favorite, much admired coach. Cheering the young guns on the floor.

A college alumni basketball weekend is the perfect opportunity to take a trip and enjoy the game. Spending time with your kids is pretty cool too.

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