Taking the shuttle

It has its ancestors back in the 1800’s, when carriages were drawn by horses. It first gained power in London around the time of the Civil War in America when coaches were powered by steam for the first time. And then there came the invention of the motor. Motorcoaches were born.

Motorcoaches are often seen as the lesser form of intercity transportation. They’re large, bulky, tend to make a lot of stops, which makes it difficult to get to a destination quickly. They are full of passengers, making an easy ride difficult because of lack of space. They are slower than a car, bulkier than a taxi, and might be smelly.

Motorcoaches, therefore, don’t inspire much confidence in the average person. But motorcoaches hold a unique role in the American city. They are good for areas where people are concentrated, notably downtown areas and midtown areas, and they can move a lot of people at a time. This makes them affordable and convenient.

Motorcoaches have many positive qualities that go beyond some of the inconveniences that an individual passenger might feel. Because they are large and can move a lot of passengers, their carbon footprint is very low compared to other forms of transportation. This makes them good for the environment, which can be a powerful thing.

There are some statistics supporting this. They are:

  • Motorcoaches emit the least carbon dioxide (CO2) per passenger mile when compared to other vehicles.
  • Switching to motorcoach travel for 12,500 miles traveled would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 4.3 tons per automobile annually.
  • Each full motorcoach has the potential of removing 55 automobiles.
  • The motorcoach industry accounts for 631,000,000 passenger trips annually.

The motorcoach is able to move people within a city fairly easily, if at just a little bit slower speed than a car or other form of personal transportation. This is especially true of downtown areas, which are generally walkable but may not be for people who have mobility related disabilities.

The motorcoach is also useful in rural areas, where they might be the only form of transportation, as there is no rail system and no taxi system. A person in a rural area might not have personal transportation and so would be stuck in that rural location. A motorcoach would make it easier to get to a job or a house.

The motorcoach is also helpful for a particular purpose when it comes to airports: They are the shuttle service. There are some statistics about how much people fly and how often they use airports. They are:

  • More than three million people fly on commercial aircraft every day.
  • 7,000 stretch SUVs and 8,000 non-stretch SUVs are licensed for limousine and charter services.
  • In the U.S., there are 16,000 vans and shuttle buses working for charter services.
  • 33% of domestic business trips include air travel.

The motorcoach is often used as a shuttle service when it comes to taking flight passengers from the airport to their cars. The motorcoach is also used as a shuttle service when taking customers to rental car companies in the airport. The motorcoach, then, is popular for the same reasons stated earlier: It can carry a lot of passengers to destinations.

A shuttle service is necessary for an airport because many people have parked their cars in parking lots that are far away. A shuttle service is also important for linking passengers to rental car companies in a quick manner, to enable them to get on the road in their new city quickly.

There are some terms associated with shuttle services and motorcoaches that are worth noting. They also involve charter bus rental. They are reliable transportation, rent a bus, rent a charter bus, rent a town car, renting a bus, renting a town car, renting town cars, renting transportation, and more.

A motorcoach is a popular form of transportation that is used by many people for intercity transportation and transportation in rural settings. People may find it helpful to get around on a motorcoach, especially if they don’t have personal transportation. The motorcoach has ancestors dating back to the 1800’s.

A final word about motorcoaches: They are certainly affordable and convenient for many, while lowering the general carbon footprint compared to other forms of transportation. But they may also be slow and cumbersome and not get to destinations on time.

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