Travel should be comfortable, timely and beneficial to every area of your life. If that sounds like a tall order? You are probably new to chartering a bus.

We live some of the busiest lives yet seen in human history. When we’re not walking we’re working. When we’re not working we’re running errands, studying or catching up on some much-needed free time. The last thing you need is a travel option that puts the onus on you to pick up the slack, rather than provide you an accommodating, pleasurable experience that leaves an impact long after you’ve reached your destination. If you’re tired of feeling like you’re wasting energy and money with your expenses, it’s never been a better time to consider a change.

The benefits of chartered bus travel are numerous, but let’s just cover the basics so you can get on your way.

Travel has come a long way over the years. Before we had cars and eco-friendly buses we had horse-drawn carriages providing people some of the most timely and safe methods of going from one place to another. These were in use as early as the 1820’s, meaning it hasn’t been all that long since we made the switch to more efficient forms of travel. Intercity bus services provided through the advent of steam power were brought in not a decade later, paving the way for reliable means of transportation across the Western hemisphere. Today we enjoy the speed of airplanes, the ease of single-passenger vehicles and the comfort of charter bus amenities.

People of all shapes and sizes rely on charter bus lines to get where they need to go. Families deeply appreciate them when going on vacation, allowing parents to spend more time with their children without worrying about keeping their eyes on the road. Students on a budget can enjoy the affordable cost of the best charter bus companies while having plenty of time to study or get some much-needed rest. While some business owners have no choice but to use a plane to get somewhere at the last minute, those with a bit more free time can find a lot to enjoy on a charter bus service when going a shorter distance.

Not only is chartering a bus a great way to give you extra time while traveling, it’s an environmentally sustainable way of moving around the world. This is due to a charter bus moving more people with less carbon emissions, gradually creating a cleaner world for all of us to enjoy. Motorcoaches provide around 205 passenger miles per gallon of fuel, with single-passenger vehicles straining to achieve just 30 with the same amount. Motorcoaches are also three times more efficient at reducing CO2 output compared to both commuter rail and transit buses.

A cleaner environment means healthier wildlife, plant life and communities. Each full motorcoach can remove as many as 55 full single-passenger vehicles from the highway, drastically reducing the amount of carbon emissions and harmful chemicals polluting the air. Every single year sees motorcoaches accounting for over 750 million passenger trips, moving more people in certain years than even some commercial airlines. Doing a lot of good with your dollar is something more travelers are becoming interested in. If you’re one of them, you’ll be happy to know there are even more benefits to chartering a bus.

Investing in chartered bus companies can also see you injecting life into local industries. How does this work? A single dollar invested in new motorcoaches can generate an additional dollar and a half of spending throughout the economy, ranging from nearby hotels, tourist destinations, restaurants, small businesses and airport shuttles. The motorcoach industry itself is made up of over 3,400 small businesses, with the industry providing over 33,000 vehicles in sightseeing, tourism, airpot shuttle, scheduled services and general charter.

Chartering a bus is extremely affordable, great for the environment and is proven to stimulate your local economy. Next time you’re considering changing the way you travel, look no further than coach bus transportation.

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