Travel comes in many shapes and sizes.

It can be hopping in your vehicle of choice and traveling halfway across the country with the family during the summer. It can be pulling out some spare change to hop on the bus and save on gas. The best kind of travel is one that slots easily into your life and gives you some much-needed convenience during a busy time. When you’re traveling for business-related purposes or need an extra lift or two during a wedding, limo services are available to help you travel in style. They’re comfortable, widely available and, of course, supplement your trip instead of making you go out of your way.

Did You Know?

What do you know about old-fashioned modes of travel? You’re likely familiar with the horse-drawn carriage. The advent of steam technology and how it was used to supplement trains, early cars and day-to-day manufacturing. The first limousines ever made had a seating capacity of just four people. This was considered groundbreaking at the time and has since expanded, quite literally, to be faster, more comfortable and more convenient. Back in 1997 Jay Ohrberg would build a 100 foot limousine with 26 wheels and a list of amenities that included a swimming pool and a king-sized bed!

Perfect For Parties And Gatherings

Perhaps you need limo services to supplement a wedding reception. A party bus rental can fit perfectly alongside your travel, partying and sightseeing needs. Today there are over 130,000 limousines in service around the country, with some specializing in areas related to sightseeing and touring and others accepting a diverse array of clients in party buses. The Midnight Rider is a nightclub on wheels and is one of the world’s most famous limousines to date. It’s 70 feet long, weighs 25 tons and boasts over 400 square feet of space. It even got in the Guinness World Record holder.

Ideal For Meetings And Discussions

If you’re not traveling for fun and need some extra accommodation for an important meeting, limo services can meet you halfway. A recent study found over 50% of limousine services conducted throughout the week are provided for both business and corporate customers. This includes people who need to discuss business ventures while moving from place-to-place and managers who want to relax a little before they arrive at their destination. The electric limousine with six wheels (as well as six engines) was developed by a company called KAZ.

Support Local Businesses

What’s another benefit you can glean when you invest in limo services that are as timely as they are comfortable? Supporting local business and stimulating the economy with your dollar. Over 60% of limousine service companies have fewer than five vehicles and the average limousine driver will do nearly 105 trips per week. Many limo services are locally owned and on the smaller side, giving you the opportunity to support the city’s economy as you spend. The fastest limousine on earth today is a 20 foot long, eight seat Ferrari that can reach nearly 170 miles per hour.

Hiring Limo Services

Sometimes the weather is too miserable to walk in. Other times you’re on a time limit and need some extra convenience to keep your day sound. Limo services are a flexible, dependable resource you can tap into when you arrive (or don’t arrive) at your destination, able to supplement a business meeting just as easily as a pre-wedding reception. A party bus can come with accommodations including music and alcohol, though some limousines go a step further and offer you further custom options to truly bring the most out of your trip.

Travel comes in many sizes. Let limo services provide you some of the best options.

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