Every year there are people in the United States that prepare for a weekend getaway or potentially multiple weekend trips. This requires some serious focus and attention to detail as they find the right vacation spots with the right vacation resorts. Before a traveler can find the right luxury lodges, they have to determine just where it is they want to go. One of the hottest spots for luxury lodges right now is surprisingly enough Alaska.

In the year of 2011, 33.4 million people were involved in the activity of hiking. This is the type of activity that is offered by luxury lodges in Alaska. So if you are someone that wants to have fun getting engaged with activities outside then this is the right area for you. Here are some more facts on nature vacations at luxury lodges in Alaska.

Information from the Alaska Almanac revealed that in the year of 2006, Alaska had more than 1.6 million visitors between just the months of May and September. This is is astonishing to think about and points to the popularity of visiting luxury lodges for nature vacations all throughout Alaska. If other visitors are coming in at such a high rate then obviously this is a very desirable location.

The state of Alaska offers more than 75 parks, including national parks, preserves, refuges and monuments, as well as historical sites and parks, national forests and state parks. These are the types of attractions that bring in those who love nature to Alaska. Furthermore, when people spend time at luxury lodges they have access to the best of both worlds. All it takes is picking the right spot and you can enjoy spas and massages.

Just about 52% of Alaska‚Äôs acreage is wilderness. So people who want to fish and hunt are going to be able to enjoy themselves in the designated areas. The average United States angler in 2011 spent $1,261. In 2016, 49% of Alaska visitors booked a Fishing lodge package for their trip. In 2016, 11% of Alaska’s visitors came to fish.

The Alaska State Park System is the largest in the United States with more than 3.2 million acres of land and water. Just about 20% of international visitors to Alaska used a Lodge for their stay. This type of statistic points directly to the idea that a large number of people prefer to spend their time at luxury lodges when traveling. It can help to balance out all of the time that they will spend outside.

According to the Alaska Travel Industry Association, an estimated 1,857,500 out-of-state visitors came to Alaska between May and September 2016, the highest visitor volume on record. There are more people than ever going out of their way t stay at luxury lodges in Alaska so if you plan on doing the same you are in good company!

In Conclusion

There are so many people that prepare themselves for the weekend getaways that they want to take each year. It is imperative that you spend time determining what types of things you want to do on your trip before planning anything else. This will allow for you to make sure you get a location that is practical and makes sense in coordination with the activities you want to get involved in.

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