If you are planning for your first trip to Hawaii, one thing you should try is a helicopter tour. It’s a thrilling experience and offers a perfect way to see some amazing dramatic cliffs, vibrant shores, forests, craters and miles of white sand beaches.

The reason why Hawaii vacation ideas are so popular is because of the diversity of terrain and breathtaking views you get to see once you take a helicopter tour. For ultimate helicopter tour ride, however, you need to find a reputable helicopter tour company and weigh your options online. Here are tips will help you make an informed decision when choosing the best tour.

1.Safety is key
Annually, vacationers flock to Hawaii to enjoy safe, spectacular helicopter tour rides around the Hawaiian Islands. In 2017, Hawaii saw a record of 9.3 million visitors, which was a 4.6% increase from the previous year. And the numbered keeps increasing yearly with more visitors getting interested to enjoy helicopter tours.

Before boarding a helicopter, keep in mind that it’s an experience with risks involved. It’s very uncommon to hear of helicopter accidents, although it can happen. So how do you ensure safety even before boarding?

The initial step is to search for a helicopter tour company with the certification of FAA Part 135 Air Carrier. This means that the company subjects its operators to higher safety and security standards than general aviation operators. While at that, be sure to also check out the National Transportation Safety Board database on aircraft accidents.

2.Understand the Seating Configuration
Most of the helicopters used in aerial tours carry six passengers, and this is what you can expect from Hawaii helicopter tours. Its front seats hold two travelers while the back seats have room for four. For great sightseeing adventure, you’d want to avoid the middle seats in the back because they lack a direct view of the scenery.

The two most common types of helicopters used in aerial trips are the A-Star and Eco-Star. But Eco-Start is known to be more spacious and offer more window space than the A-Star helicopter. Additionally, Eco-Star produces less noise and feature excellent climate control for both winter and summer flights.

Remember that helicopter seat arrangement is based on the weight of the travelers. Weight needs to be distributed equally on the helicopter for it to fly properly and obviously for safety reasons.

3.Book Online if Necessary
Booking directly with a helicopter tour company can guarantee you reasonable rates. Essentially, most companies will offer discounts on direct bookings. Another reason you should book in advance is that you are almost sure to get a tour helicopter. During the summer helicopter tour companies sell out faster due to high demand. This is an important factor to include in your Hawaii vacation ideas.

So what are the do’s and don’ts when going for a helicopter tour ride?

  • Adhere to safety rules and regulations
  • Minimize glare on the windows by wearing dark clothing
  • Set your camera to high speed capturing
  • Take medications pror to bearding if you’re prone to motion sickness
  • When taking pictures, don’t touch the windows for minimum vibration
  • Avoid wearing loose clothing and accessories
  • Avoid taking in heavy meals just before the tour

Keeping these tips in mind can help you have good time, enjoy ing the great outdoors of Hawaii. Next time you’re looking for Hawaii vacation ideas, don’t forget to try helicopter tour.

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