Boating is an American hobby just about anyone can get behind.

It’s a great way to unwind after a stressful week, particularly if you have good company or good beer to ease the day along. It’s a fun way to get involved with a sport that doesn’t have a high learning curve. It’s a practical addition to already existing hobbies like snorkeling, swimming, and traveling. All this potential can make choosing the best pontoon boats a little difficult. How do you get your money’s worth without going, for lack of a better word, overboard?

Before you sign up for that dolphin tour, look below to learn the basics on boating. From the beach shuttle to kayak rentals, you’ll never be at a loss for what to do this summer.

Recreational Boating Remains A Powerhouse American Industry

Even if you haven’t bought pontoon boats yourself, you likely know a few people who have. That’s because boating is the quintessential American activity. A recent estimate on the matter revealed over 85 million American adults participate in recreational boating. It’s common to use a boat for sports related activities, such as fishing and water skiing, or for travel purposes. What potential do you hope to get out of your next boat trip?

Kayak Rentals Are A Great Way To See The Sights And Get Fit

Let’s say you want to build a little muscle next time you’re on vacation. Why not kayak rentals alongside those beach strolls? Kayaking is not only a fun way to enjoy the sights, you can build serious upper-arm strength after just a few sessions. Today the kayak is a popular choice for families, providing an involving group activity for adults and children alike. When writing down fun things to do, pencil in a kayak session so you can get some truly candid photos.

Family Group Activities Can Include Fishing And Swimming

What else should a family consider when visiting their local state park? Take the boat to its limit and add in a fishing session. According to a recent study overnight users still constitute a significant part of the state park attendance, adding up to 65 million people. Swimming is a thrilling activity to knock out during the day, while fishing can be used to wind down the evening proper. When you go to a state park, the only limit is your imagination.

State Parks Provide Several Wonderful Resources In One Handy Location

The state park will ensure you’re never out of things to do. While they represent less than 2% of the total outdoor recreation estate, they see 30% of all visitors in state or recreation areas. They’re an incredibly important part of an area’s culture and provide just as much education as they do entertainment. To date, 90% of all state park visitors are day-time users. Write down a list of things you want to do while keeping a few hours available for free time…you never know what other activities you could stumble upon!

Pontoon Boats Have A Low Learning Curve And Endless Variety

Thinking of the adventure of a dolphin tour? How about camping under the open stars after a tour around the state park? Summer is still in full swing and the opportunities for fun in the sun remain endless. Consider signing up for pontoon boats with the help of a professional so you can add a dash of independence to the mix. You can venture out to the lake, try your hand at fishing, or just get a more ideal swimming spot.

There’s nothing like a fun day of boating. Grab your beach chair rentals and go snorkeling in the afternoon at your favorite Panama City state park!

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