There are many benefits associated with camping in the woods. For starters, most people live in a fast-paced world that is focused on work with little time for recreational activities. This creates an uneven work-life balance which can negatively affect the quality of life. One way to remedy this is by stepping away from the humdrum of life to reset and recharge your batteries. Camping in the woods provides the perfect avenue for this. But, if you’re going to be regularly camping in the woods, consider building your own perfect escape cabin in the woods. Here’s everything you need to know about this process.

Find the Ideal Location

One of the first steps to take before building an escape cabin in the woods is to find the ideal location. The most important thing is to know the location as much as possible. Remember, if you’re planning to be camping in the woods for extended stays, then you need the perfect place. But how do you find such a place? The good news is that you don’t have to hire a real estate company to find the ideal spot for building an escape cabin in the woods. All you have to do is consider factors, such as the lay of the land. Sure, you might be more interested in what the scenery looks like, but it’s better to make practical considerations first.

When it comes to the terrain, it’s generally better to avoid low-lying areas as these tend to be wet and cold. Instead, look for areas with good soil and which have a source of water nearby. It’s also crucial to consider other factors, such as how far from the road you’ll be, whether there’s a need for tree removal, or if the area has any unique features that make for an enriching camping experience. Perhaps you may find a spot that’s populated by songbirds and plenty of healthy greenery.

Stay Compliant

There may be rules and regulations that apply to people who want to build an escape cabin in the woods. In that case, it’s essential to do your research so that you stay compliant. A good place to start is to contact your local planning department. They can provide you with vital information, such as whether there are any zoning ordinances that restrict the use of certain land. You can also learn if there are any easements that may prevent you from building in that area. The point is to familiarize yourself with any setbacks, restrictive covenants, and other rules and regulations that might influence your decision to build an escape cabin in the woods.

In some cases, you may be pleased to discover there’s no need for a permit or building codes to get your cabin up and running. However, if there are any building codes that you have to follow, realize that they exist for a reason. Building codes are there to protect the health and safety of the family. So you may be required to build a dwelling to code and ensure that it passes inspection. This protects the authorities from liability, but there may be cases where you can build a smaller structure without needing a permit. In that case, you must accept the liability involved in the safety of your cabin.

Figure Out Your Budget

How much does it cost to build your own perfect escape cabin in the woods? Well, it depends, really. You’ll need to do a thorough analysis of the market to come up with more accurate answers. In most instances, the best you can get is a general answer about how much it will cost per square foot. The good news is that building a camp in the woods is bound to cost considerably less than building an entire home. That’s mainly because of the size of the camping cabin. The structure will be much smaller in size. In addition, you can usually find cheaper materials, which will help to reduce overall costs.

One biggest factor that will influence your budget is whether you’re doing it yourself or outsourcing the construction to professionals. At first glance, the idea of building your own cabin might seem appealing, but it can end up inflating your budget if you don’t know what you’re doing and make mistakes. On the other hand, hiring professionals comes with many benefits, such as reduced long-term costs. Professionals will do the job right so that your cabin is cheaper to maintain. So, it’s well worth it to get expert help if you want to build your cabin successfully.

Decide on the Type of Cabin to Build

Not all cabins in the woods are alike. That said, if you’re planning to build a camping cabin, there’s a certain design that’s common with this option. For instance, a camping cabin needs to be a step up from the tent life with upgrades such as showers, restrooms, and even electricity. Still, there are plenty of other options when it comes to how you want the cabin to be designed. You can build a cabin in the woods that is reminiscent of the ones found in traditional Europe, where log cabins originate. Or you can incorporate some modern trends to create a hybrid structure with better aesthetics.

There are so many types of styles, timber frames, and other design options that you can choose from when deciding the type of cabin you want to build. Invest as much time as possible in exploring your options so that you can make an informed choice. However, you should always keep in mind the purpose of the cabin and ensure that the end result is tailored to that purpose. If you want to go camping in the woods regularly, you need a cabin that’s designed with this specifically in mind. You should also factor the overall climate of the place into the decision.

Work With the Right Professionals

As mentioned, if you’re not familiar with the process of building an escape cabin in the woods, it’s usually better to work with a professional. If you’re still interested in DIY, you can compromise by only outsourcing the most difficult tasks. For starters, you can start by enlisting the services of a custom home builder or a simple cabinet builder, depending on how elaborate you want the structure to be. These professionals can help you with conceptualizing the idea you have in mind of building an escape cabin. They can streamline the process for you and make expert suggestions that will help you stay on track.

Other professionals that you can hire include specialty roofers. Perhaps you live in an area that’s prone to inclement weather. In that case, you want to make sure the roof over your head is sturdy enough to protect you against mother nature. You may also need residential well drilling services if you need a reliable source of water nearby. It all depends on your individual circumstances. In any case, you can get a wide variety of services, whether you need help with log stacking or other jobs that can’t be performed by a layman or a single person.

Prioritize Safety Features

For some people, camping in the woods seems fraught with so many dangers. This is why it’s ideal to have your own escape cabin you can retreat to while still staying safe. There are many ways you can ensure that your new home away from home is as safe as possible. A common hazard to watch out for in some areas is fire. It’s necessary to create fire breaks so that your home won’t be directly in the path of a fire. For instance, you can create fuel breaks all around your property by installing asphalt paving, pathways, and walkways. In addition, you need to clear vegetation to proof your cabin against potential fires.

Another way to protect your cabin is to make it harder for thieves to break in. The risk of break-ins is usually higher if you’ll be leaving your cabin unattended for long periods of time. The good news is that keeping your cabin secure doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, making your retreat safe and secure is as simple as installing a deadbolt lock with a striker plate or installing a flip-lock where applicable. Make sure that all your doors are protected as well. Most importantly, don’t forget about having a strong lock box where you can safely store your spare keys.

Outfit Your Cabin

When you have your cabin all set up, you need to think about how you’re going to transform it into the perfect escape. Your retreat should be more than a set of four walls. As usual, it’s important to start with practical matters first. You have to think about those occasions when you have to camp in fall and winter. During those times, you can expect the weather to be colder than usual, so it’s essential to have some creature comforts in your cabin. This might mean having a fireplace and an open fire, somewhere to store your pikes of logs and sheepskin rugs.

Even if you have a simple camping cabin, you can outfit it so that it reflects all the coziness and comfort of a true home. If you’re planning to be camping only in the warmer months, then you can focus on designing your own private summer camp. It’s all about getting the details right and working on simple elements like the color scheme. Ideally, you want your retreat to be warm and inviting, so incorporate a lot of wooden textures, add rustic furniture, and go with a warm color palette that includes a lot of browns and greens. Truth be told, there are many ways to outfit your cabin, and beyond the basic necessities, all that matters is for your space to match your taste and style.

Do Your Research

There are a lot of moving parts involved when building a cabin. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to do your research and make sure that you know the ABCs or the ins and outs of building an escape cabin in the wood. Going into the process, you may already have a lot of questions, such as how much it will cost to build the cabin, types of siding to choose from, what type of cabin to build, and whether you should get prefabricated cabin kits or more. Start by getting those questions answered. As you get the answers you need, this may give rise to more questions, and before you know it, you’re going into a rabbit hole of camping cabins. This is a good thing because it ensures that you can begin your project with all the details you need.

Find Ways to Save on Cabin Building Costs

Building a cabin in the woods doesn’t have to be expensive. There are many tips and hacks you can use to make the process more effective. The most efficient way to save money is by choosing the right building materials. Fortunately, nature is a rich source of building materials, and you can salvage a lot of building materials that you can then incorporate into your cabin. The list includes timber, sand, stone, and mud. You can also check salvage yards and demolition sites to see if you can discover materials you can repurpose. If you’re building the cabin yourself, you can save money by renting tools cheaply or hiring budget-friendly labor to help you with the process.

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to building the perfect escape cabin in the woods. If you want to go camping the right way, there are preparations that need to be made. You can’t just head out into the woods without any preparation. The good thing about having an escape cabin in the woods is that you have a safe retreat that’s always on standby when you need it. Now that you know about the pertinent details involved, you can go ahead and start actualizing your desires. Hopefully, once you have your ideal escape cabin in the woods, you can enjoy it for many years to come, alone or with family and friends.

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