Camping is a recreational activity that is enjoyed by many across the United States. Sometimes it can be fun to “rough” it for a while by living life simply in the beautiful outdoors. This often involves pitching your own tent and cooking your own food over a campfire. However, how does one take care of their business in the wilderness? Some camp sites have restroom areas. However, if you are camping farther off the grid, this may not be an option.

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This is why some people opt for portable toilets. These toilets can be taken with you during your camping trip. While they are not glamorous, they will do the job. In this video, you will learn more about your portable toilet options.

The first portable toilet on the list is the Camco Camping Portable Toilet. This toilet looks like a normal toilet. The main advantage of this toilet is that it has a tank filled with several gallons of water. This allows you to flush waste away. Plus, it keeps the smell out of the air. The only downside with this toilet is that it is big and bulky. If you need to do any length of walking, you will want to look for a lightweight alternative. Watch the rest of the video to learn about more options.


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