Before you head out camping, here’s what you should know about RV towing.

Get a quality tow vehicle that will be able to handle the task without straining. You should also get a vehicle with a tow package or equip your vehicle with one.

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Another great tip is to always conduct a pre-flight inspection. You should also inspect the tow cable for debris. Next, always put your safety chains in an X configuration.

If the chains are touching the ground, twist them as necessary. To reduce weight, you can empty the water tanks. Another useful tip is to distribute weight evenly, with a bias towards the front if necessary. Never carry too much weight in the rear of the trailer.

You should always remember to check your tire pressure as well. In hot climates, underinflate the tire slightly. Ensure that you use antisway and stabilizer bars every time you take out your RV. If you do not have tow mirrors, make sure that you have them installed. Last but not least, be careful when changing lanes.

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