Private jet customs

For people who travel frequently, be it for work or the holidays, finding ways to curb jet leg and circumvent crowded airports is often high on the list of priorities. It’s endlessly frustrating when you have a business meeting to go to and you have to wait half a day due to processing delays! Charter jet companies provide excellent services that give you privacy and control not usually afforded on public airlines. If you’re considering chartering your own jet, keep reading to learn about air travel, common customer complaints and how you can benefit from the independence of a jet charter.

Air Travel Around The World

Everyone has places to go and sights to see — it’s estimated that more than eight million people fly every day! There are over 2,100 air charter operators in the United States alone and they are all certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Recent studies have found that the charter jet industry is seeing a business boom compared to more traditional flying methods, which have seen a 4% drop in the U.S. and Europe as of late. When it comes to traveling preferences, airlines around the world are at constant work to create an accommodating atmosphere for everyone.

Traveling Preferences

While everyone has their own unique needs and interests, there are common patterns in flight preferences. Expedia did a series of surveys and found that 21% of customers preferred window seats, while 20% chose to sit in the aisle. A recent poll by TripAdvisor found that comfortable seating was a concern 30% of Americans shared. Last, but certainly not least, a whopping 41% cited legroom as the most necessary improvement. Even when traveling in public, personal space is a feature everyone can appreciate!

Jet Charter Services

Charter jet companies are dedicated to creating flexible and appealing alternatives to conventional airlines. You choose a departure and arrival time at your leisure and can avoid the long wait-times and delays of public air-spaces. There are an estimated 5,000 public use airports in the United States alone available to air charters — that’s over 100 times the amount of the average public airline! An ‘empty leg flight’ is a term for a one-way trip on a charter jet that doubles as a delivery carrier, which can also save you money if you don’t need to make a round-trip. When you want safe and convenient travel, look no further than your local charter plane services!

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